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Tired of training in the same place and with the same routines for months? Body and Mind is pleased to introduce you to an innovative training system that was developed by the US Navy SEALS.

TRX Mallorca - Calviá

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A common and unrealistic behavior is to see celebrities return to their normal state after pregnancy. At Body & Mind, we know that this leads many women to question their own abilities to regain their figure, while putting pressure on themselves with excessive exercise boards too soon and unhealthy diets.

regain shape after pregnancy

Wanting to be like before, just one month after giving birth is totally illogical and also not healthy at all.


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In recent years, there has been more and more talk about the danger of increased cholesterol for people and the importance of fighting it with a correct diet and above all with regular physical exercise.

It is very common to think “it’s not going to happen to me”, until, in the best of cases, the tests are triggered and warn us that we are putting ourselves in danger, or worse, that our own body warns us with a scare.


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Getting back in shape after the holidays is a challenge we have to face at least twice a year, after the Christmas excesses and before or after the summer holidays. 

It’s notorious that most good intentions end up being just intentions. Laziness, excuses, work schedules, are just some of the reasons that lead us to abandon our intentions shortly after starting our good intentions to get in shape.

Training Mallorca after christmas holidays

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One of the most common problems, in different age groups, is knee injury.

Sudden movements in sports, overloading due to work or joint wear over the years are just a few examples of the causes that can most easily lead to knee injuries.

It must be taken into account that the knee is one of the joints most subject to trauma because it supports the weight of the body every day, the ones we use the most for any movement in sports and, on other occasions, the one we do not move enough when we reach a certain age, thus making it difficult to lubricate the joint correctly.

injury knee recovery

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VI Trail dels Far 2020

One of the advantages of living on an island like Menorca, and if you are an exercise lover, is the chance to enjoy almost all year round practicing your favorite sport outdoors.

This coming year you have to take advantage of the training sessions to prepare for Menorca’s VI Trails del Fars 2020, a spectacular race through the landscapes of the island of Menorca to be held on 2 February next year.

And are you ready to face this challenge?


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Prepare for a run

Popular races have become fashionable in all Spanish cities. They are the perfect excuse to exercise outdoors, with friends and often for a good cause. They are also the perfect setting to test yourself and know how far you can go.


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Did you know the 50 are the new 40? The golden age has become for many a new stage in their lives, but not from a negative point of view, quite the opposite. It is time to set new goals and live new experiences.

Remember that age is just a number and everything depends on your mentality and how you think about your life. Attitude is very important!


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Do you want to get fit and muscled without looking like a Hulk? Don’t be afraid to gain muscle and mark your abdomen, arms or legs. With the right exercises, you can mark muscle and tone it without the need to become overly muscled.

For many, losing weight is fine, but for others, that’s not their main goal. If what you’re looking for is a training program that helps you get fit and gain muscle, Body and Mind Mallorca is the personal trainer you’re looking for. With a complete workout table you will be able to gain muscle just where you need it.


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Did you know that one of the best ways to lose weight is with a personal trainer? Achieving your goals is much easier when you have at your side a person who guides you through the entire sports process and does not let you throw in the towel. With perseverance and hard work you will achieve that perfect body that you want so much.


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The day is approaching! Have you got everything ready? Banquet? Flowers? But… what about the dress? And what about the suit? Have you already started trying on different suits to see which one is the right one? Or are you waiting to get that toned and shaped body you want to wear on your special day to start looking for the perfect wedding dress and suit?

8 weeks mallorca wedding plan
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