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Do you want to get fit and muscled without looking like a Hulk? Don’t be afraid to gain muscle and mark your abdomen, arms or legs. With the right exercises, you can mark muscle and tone it without the need to become overly muscled.

For many, losing weight is fine, but for others, that’s not their main goal. If what you’re looking for is a training program that helps you get fit and gain muscle, Body and Mind Mallorca is the personal trainer you’re looking for. With a complete workout table you will be able to gain muscle just where you need it.

Gain muscle in just 2 months

In Body and Mind we have a complete training program with which in just 8 weeks you will get that muscular and toned body you want. The trick? A perfect combination of training and a healthy diet, plus a lot of effort, commitment and follow-up on your part as well as on the part of your personal trainer.

Muscle building is only possible if you train with a plan. This training program is based on working on all strength, to promote muscle growth by subjecting it to continuous stimulus.


How do we work on strength? With functional training, through the repetition of movements that we perform daily, we are able to work the muscles so that they gain strength and muscle mass. In addition, we introduced in our training program the exercises with kettlebell, which are weights that help us gain muscle.

And with the new techniques of T.R.X. or N.R.G. not only will we work the force activating the muscles with different exercises, but also we will manage to improve the balance.

Many athletes who train to gain muscle mass keep a training diary. In this way, they have a record of the number of series and weights used in each session. In this way they keep track of the progress made. With Body and Mind you won’t need this, as you have a personal trainer who will keep track of your progress and prepare your training plan, adapting it to your body and your progress.

This is one of the great advantages of training with a personal instructor. In addition, we will make sure that you don’t strain yourself above your limit, thus avoiding injuries. Your training will be more profitable, as you will perform the exercises the right way and without overexertion.

Body and Mind’s 8-week training program consists of 16 personal trainings, where you will work with these innovative sports techniques, as well as 8 group Bootcamp trainings, where you will really test the endurance of your muscles. All this is complemented with a massage to reduce muscle tension and a nutritional plan. 

Foods that will help you build your muscles

Following a structured training plan adapted to your body will help you gaining muscle. But in addition to a varied exercise table, it is necessary to follow a balanced and healthy diet. To gain muscle it is necessary to eat more proteins and carbohydrates that will give us the energy needed to carry out the workouts.


At Body and Mind we offer you nutritional advice so that you know the importance of including the right amount of protein in your diet to achieve healthy and strong muscles and tissues.

Because following a diet that contains all the nutrients necessary for your muscles to be fit, also helps you avoid fractures, as it strengthens the tissues and reduces the risk of injury.

  • Milk and milk products are a valuable source of protein. But skim or low-fat versions should always be consumed. Furthermore, if you take them at night, they will not only help you recover your muscle after your training session, but they will also help you rest.
  • Eggs are considered one of the most complete foods, as they contain a large amount of nutrients. Although most of the proteins are found in the egg whites and not in the yolks.
  • Legumes such as chickpeas or lentils also provide many proteins to the body. In addition, they are a great source of magnesium that helps reduce cramps after a day of training.
  • White meats such as turkey or chicken also contain many proteins that will help you gain muscle. Although it is true that red meats have more protein, it is preferable to eat chicken meat for example, as it contains less fat and is much healthier.
  • The oily fish, like the tuna is the perfect ally to increase your muscle mass, since it is a food made up almost entirely of protein. In addition, its omega 3 improves the recovery of injured muscles and reduces the risk of cramps.
  • Fruits are essential in your diet. Besides being rich in carbohydrates, the banana also contains other nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are necessary when doing some type of muscle training. Avocado is also rich in potassium and is perfect for breakfast to prepare your muscles from early morning.

Benefits of working muscle mass

Gaining muscle is not only a goal, it is also a way to gain quality of life, as increasing muscle mass improves balance. In addition, when doing these exercise programs, we disconnect and sleep better at night.

If we get a muscular system in good shape, we are helping our body to have a stronger, stronger and healthier body. In this way, we will avoid injuries or our muscles deteriorate faster over the years. It is a training that we do now, to maintain our body for much longer.


So forget to spend every afternoon in the gym lifting weights while looking in the mirror. The only and best way to gain muscle is with a well-structured training plan and continuous monitoring by your personal trainer.


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