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VI Trail dels Far 2020

One of the advantages of living on an island like Menorca, and if you are an exercise lover, is the chance to enjoy almost all year round practicing your favorite sport outdoors.

This coming year you have to take advantage of the training sessions to prepare for Menorca’s VI Trails del Fars 2020, a spectacular race through the landscapes of the island of Menorca to be held on 2 February next year.

And are you ready to face this challenge?

The important thing is that you know your level of physical preparation to sign up for one of the three modalities and finish it satisfactorily. You know that you don’t have to wait for the last moment to start training seriously, as you will only get tired and increase the possibility of injury in the race.

The objective is not necessarily to arrive first, but to arrive well, without injuries and with the satisfaction of having finished the race in a time appropriate to your physical preparation.

Above all, don’t forget to fully enjoy the scenery, the companions and the most remote places of Menorca.

To achieve all this, the best thing is to put yourself in the expert hands of a good team of personal trainers such as Body and Mind Mallorca. We are a team of professionals, with extensive experience in this kind of races and we prepare a personalized program to be in perfect shape on the day of the race and enjoy it to the fullest with more chances of reaching among the first.

Marathon 2020 Menorca

All race categories

In reality, the VI Trails dels Fars 2020 in Menorca are three races in one, with start at different points and final finish in a single place for all participants.

  • Trail des Fars (Marathon)
  • U-23 Male and Female
  • Senior Male and Female
  • Veterans M-40 and Veterans F-40
  • Veterans M50 and Veterans F-50

The start of this race will be made from the impressive lighthouse of Cavalleria at 8 in the morning and presents an important challenge of 44 kms, for the most demanding and wild part of the Camí de Cavalls to Ciutadella. The first reward will be to be able to enjoy a magnificent sunrise.

Trail des Fars (Half Marathon)

  • Absolute Male and Female

The second race is a 21 km half marathon that will join the first group at 10.30 am from the car park in La Vall.

Marathon Menorca Trail dels Far 2020

Popular Cursa

  • Absolute Male and Female

This third popular 12 km race will start from Camí de Son Morell.

The goal will be a single meeting point shared by all participants, and is in front of the Municipal Pool Tita Llorens de Ciutadella.

Upon arrival, the participants will have at their disposal a refreshment to replenish their strength in pure Menorcan style with products from the land, various soft drinks, water and, of course, a physiotherapy service, showers and cloakroom.

Facts to take into account for the race

One of the first rules of the race is that only those over the age of 18 can participate. In addition, it is very important to comply with all the regulations imposed by the organization of the event.

Another rule of great importance is that “participants must respect the natural environment in which the test is conducted and keep it clean.

It is clear that the environment suffers with the sudden arrival of so many people and it is our duty to ensure that the impact is minimal, so no matter how tired you are and do not want to carry more, you will have to wait for the garbage containers that are distributed throughout the race.

Each runner will have to bring his own glass, since to minimize the environmental impact no glasses will be served in the refreshment posts.

If you want to participate another year in a race, think that you would like to find the place as clean and cared for as you leave it and for this reason, if the organization finds someone throwing a bottle, a piece of paper or any type of garbage on the ground, the runner will be disqualified immediately.

In order to allow electronic tracking of the race and to take a correct reading of the times, participants must wear the MyLaps chip throughout the course.

To be able to participate, the organization establishes an obligatory material that each athlete will have to take both in the Marathon and in the half Marathon and it is the following one:

  • Hydration system with a minimum capacity of 0.50 L (remember that no glasses will be delivered in the refreshment posts in order to reduce waste).
  • Mobile phone with balance and battery.
  • The number of dorsal in all the gels and sticks of each participant.
  • Thermal blanket.
  • Dorsal and chip

Remember also that the race is demanding, so be realistic when choosing your mode, because putting a challenge beyond your means will only serve to frustrate, tire too much and at worst injure you.

It’s better to stay with the desire to have done more than not seeing the way to the finish line. Start slowly, with the idea of enjoying and you will want to participate in all the races of the following years, discovering each time paradisiacal places and environments.

Menorca Trail dels Far 2020

Prepare your career with Body and Mind Mallorca

The moment of truth comes, the time to prepare yourself properly for what awaits you. Now you can feel the emotion and the illusion of going through the most remote places participating in the VI Trails dels Fars 2020 in Menorca. But when you are at the peak of the race, when tiredness takes the lead, only then will you really know if you have trained well in the months prior to the marathon.

However, don’t take unnecessary risks or improvise a training camp that exhausts you. In Body and Mind we have already prepared specific trainings that are adapted to each level of the participant. Not only will we take care of your physical preparation and bring you to your correct level of endurance but we will also take care of your muscles to minimize the possibility of injury.

Do you really want to enjoy this marathon as a professional and not think about the physical effort you are doing, but admire the places where you pass and feel at the height to meet your challenge?

Don’t think about it anymore, at Body and Mind we are waiting for you to make you a true athlete in body and mind. Start now to get in shape calling us and we will get together to prepare a specific training for you.


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