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Tired of training in the same place and with the same routines for months? Body and Mind is pleased to introduce you to an innovative training system that was developed by the US Navy SEALS.

TRX Mallorca - Calviá

Randy Hetrick, leader of the U.S. Parachute Team, managed to create a series of physical workouts using the belt of a parachute, to develop specific exercises taking advantage of body weight and small spaces available at all times. 

Why train the TRX with Body and Mind Mallorca?

As personal trainers working in Mallorca, we have developed a series of exercises with TRX to teach you the best way to practice this sport, avoiding bad posture from the beginning and reducing the risk of injury to a minimum.

Thanks to this new way of working the whole body and always under our supervision, we can practice exercises in any place, be it outdoors, on a terrace or in the gym. No more excuses for not doing sport, the era of a new concept of exercise has begun!

Remember that the importance of continuing to train regularly is vital to maintaining a routine that balances both body and mind and that keeps us disciplined and prepares us to be healthy at any age. 

Benefits of training with TRX

The first obvious advantage of TRX training is clear, you can practice it anywhere, with special treadmills, which allow you to use your weight to perform a large number of different exercises involving the whole body with the possibility of emphasizing the muscles to which you prefer to dedicate more time and effort.

trainer TRX Calvia

What is used for training is a specific treadmill, created with resistant materials and which you can regulate according to your needs, body measurements and the strength you want to exercise at any given moment. This treadmill is created with an anchor point at one end and provides support for your hands and feet at the other end.

Training with TRX is different because it works in suspension, through which you will be able to work on your body’s balance thanks to the strengthening of your abs, lower back and chest.

If you also want to add difficulty to your exercises, you can complement them with the help of weights, at an advanced level and always under our supervision.

This fitness training is a great ally when it comes to alleviating the back problems suffered by a large number of people, both young and old. The sedentary nature of our society is obviously an obstacle to the proper development of the physical body.

This sport discipline works especially the muscles that we need as a fundamental support to the rest of the body and, because we spend many hours sitting in bad postures, we vitiate and derive the postural problems into lumbago and various back pains.

By strengthening these central muscles with the TRX, we relieve all the effort and bone overload, distributing the body’s work in a balanced way, relieving the sequelae and present back pain and preventing future injuries.

Another advantage of working with this method of suspension is that you can also practice it at a later age, without risk of injury and above all, to help you strengthen your bones and improve your balance and flexibility, to avoid unnecessary injuries in your daily life.

TRX suspension training

In fact, the TRX is highly recommended to start recovering your muscles after an injury, as well as basic training for those who are starting from scratch to practice physical exercise, since its degree of difficulty and the resistance you put on it depend on your physical condition, your training pace and the instructions of your personal trainer.

Finally, you will be motivated by the fact that it will help you to lose weight, since by working the whole body you will gradually burn the unnecessary fat in the accumulation points due to lack of exercise, in this way your body will be correctly shaped reducing fat where you need it and increasing your muscle mass where you need it most, with each exercise.

Risks of training with TRX

Like any type of sport, the TRX involves small risks that you can avoid if you follow our professional advice on how to develop each exercise and what are the correct movements and postures to avoid carrying the weight in the wrong areas. 

Avoiding incorrect movement of the pelvis is perhaps the most difficult thing and that is why we recommend your personalised training method before getting down to it.

In Body and Mind we are aware of the importance of starting each session with a few minutes of warm-ups to avoid injuries in the cold. We also prepare a specific and realistic program based on your physical preparation when you start training, to properly regulate your tension and strength.

personal trainer TRX Mallorca

Remember that it is not a question of transforming your body in one day or one week, but of creating a constant and healthy habit so that your muscles become stronger over time and your body acquires skills such as balance, flexibility and strength, especially in those areas that are more subject to the disadvantages of sedentariness.

TRX with your personal trainer in Mallorca

Acquiring the skill and knowledge to be able to train starts with good advice and a customised routine together with your personal trainer. This allows you to be motivated and not give up at the first moment of difficulty.

At Body & Mind Mallorca, we have the experience to guide you, advise you and prepare you correctly to deepen your knowledge of your body, your limits and your possibilities of development.

The sport does not have to be practiced alone nor does it have to be complicated or boring. A good approach to your new discipline can make the difference between leaving early or the satisfaction of being able to develop and enjoy many years of health and physical activity.

All this will lay a firm and secure foundation on which you can continue to train for the rest of your life, watching your body and mind become increasingly focused, agile and strong.

Start your new life as a Navy Seal today, contact us and enjoy the experience and knowledge of a team of professionals at your disposal for your workouts. 

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