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A common and unrealistic behavior is to see celebrities return to their normal state after pregnancy. At Body & Mind, we know that this leads many women to question their own abilities to regain their figure, while putting pressure on themselves with excessive exercise boards too soon and unhealthy diets.

regain shape after pregnancy

Wanting to be like before, just one month after giving birth is totally illogical and also not healthy at all.

The most effective exercise begins early in pregnancy

Whether you are a newcomer or have already been through the great time of pregnancy, you may find yourself a little confused or unsure about how to go about your daily walks and exercises. The little dizziness, nausea and tiredness, make you rethink going out to keep in shape.

It is recommended that from the beginning of your pregnancy, you maintain a constant movement routine. This implies walking outdoors for a while every day, doing gentle aerobic exercise, and taking advantage of daily tasks to keep lifting small weights.

All of this is always under the supervision of a specialist and with the continuous control of your doctor who will set the guidelines to follow according to the state of your pregnancy.

On the other hand, you will begin to notice changes in your body, the waist expands little by little to make room for your baby, your breasts grow and experience greater sensitivity, constipation is another common factor that must be reduced and finally fatigue, hormonal change and stress can be obstacles in the way of maintaining continuous exercise.

personal trainer after pregnancy

If from the first moment you are constant and motivated to exercise, when the time comes to give birth, your body will be stronger and it will also be much easier to resume your exercise routine in order to return your figure to its ideal state.

When do you start getting your figure back after childbirth?

You finally have your baby in your arms and the first few months, your figure may not be the priority. However, once your life has settled down again and you get back to some normalcy, you will realize that you have to move from comfortable maternity clothes to your usual jeans.  

This is when you appreciate and value having kept your body active during pregnancy, having followed a healthy eating habit and having put on just enough weight to give the world a healthy and strong baby.

The best time to start exercising after a pregnancy varies according to each woman and her circumstances, some specialists advise starting little by little as early as 4 months after giving birth, others suggest between 6 months and a year after delivery.

regain shape

It is clear that the body must be given a minimum period of time to allow the organs to return to their proper place, the metabolism to accelerate again and the hormones to gradually stabilize. 

It is also the ideal time to modify your eating habits with a view to losing a few kilos along with exercise, because if you delay the moment too long it will be much harder to get going and laziness can win the battle.

If you are a mother who has decided to breastfeed her newborn, you will be happy to know that breastfeeding helps you to burn off extra calories from your milk, which is why women who breastfeed usually manage to lose weight more quickly than other mothers.

How do I know what exercises are beneficial for restoring my line after delivery?

First of all, you should make sure that your body is prepared before starting an exercise routine and especially what exercises you can and cannot do at first.

Keep in mind that inactivity after childbirth can cause blood clots to form, so a minimum of exercise can avoid these kinds of problems and be highly healthy for your whole body.

Of course, at the beginning you can do simple exercises such as moving your feet or rotating your ankles, but it will be time to do some crunches when your body is ready.

Low-impact physical activity, such as a gentle half-hour walk with your baby, is ideal for starting out on your own, as it tones up the muscles of your entire body and burns calories. 

in shape after pregnancy

In addition, you can plan your own goals by increasing the distances you cover as the days go by in a realistic way.

Once you’re ready to take it a step further, you’ll see how a specific and consistent exercise regime works wonders for your figure.

Remember that consistency in attending to your exercise routine will not only be your ally in quickly recovering your figure, but you will also implement a healthy habit in your life.

Body & Mind Mallorca is your perfect exercise partner

Once you get through these first few months of low-impact exercise, it’s time to start seriously strengthening, toning and enhancing your body. This is where the team of personal trainers at Body & Mind Mallorca, as well as setting you a physical exercise routine suited to your health, will accompany you in the task, which you will be able to do in the company of other women in your same situation. 

With them you will be able to share not only the walks and gymnastics, but also the most emotional part of the effort to get back in shape.

Whether you are more of a loner and prefer to exercise on your own or more of a group, you can choose the option that best suits your mood, your character and the sensitivity of the moment.

What do you think of the plan we propose?

Our complete 8-week program is the ideal complement once you are ready for a little more “cane” and can train without further limitations. Consider it as your final stretch towards a body 10, equal or better than the one you had before you became pregnant.

exercises after pregnancy

Supervision, company and security is all you need to remain motivated during the stage of recovery of your figure and react positively every time you think about throwing in the towel, because you will always have one of our professionals by your side who will help you not to lose your enthusiasm.

It is at this important stage of your training, when you will definitely need a specialized professional to tell you which exercises you can or cannot do, because exercises such as crunches or high-impact sports can put your pelvic floor muscles at risk. 

Don’t forget that your pelvic structure will not have the strength and support capacity it had before you gave birth, and your perineum will also need special care.

The best part of all this is that with the help of the professional trainers at Body & Mind Mallorca, you won’t have to worry about what exercise you can do and when you can increase your physical activity. 

Put yourself in the hands of the best professionals and recover your ideal figure after childbirth in a safe, entertaining and healthy way, because this is what celebrities are all about.

Contact Body & Mind Mallorca and start getting fit again today.


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