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Getting back in shape after the holidays is a challenge we have to face at least twice a year, after the Christmas excesses and before or after the summer holidays. 

It’s notorious that most good intentions end up being just intentions. Laziness, excuses, work schedules, are just some of the reasons that lead us to abandon our intentions shortly after starting our good intentions to get in shape.

Training Mallorca after christmas holidays

The problem is that year after year, the kilos are accumulating, sedentarism takes over our lives, the metabolism slows down and age does nothing but advance. All these factors should be under control throughout the year to avoid these continuous efforts that move us from one extreme to another.

The solution exists and is within your reach with Body & Mind and our personalized training program that analyzes your needs and provides you with the best, both in improving your diet, and in creating a training routine specific to your needs. 

The Christmas holidays, an excuse for our excesses

The Christmas holidays involve getting together with family, reconnecting with old friends, returning home if you’ve been away all year. The Mediterranean character means that the celebrations can be enjoyed with good food, good wine, cava, long after-dinner meals and in many cases late nights to make the most of the holidays.

excesses parties christmas personal trainer

Our body, which during the rest of the year is adapted to a routine of meals, hours of sleep and work that keeps us active, suddenly finds itself overwhelmed with the excesses of the holidays and suffers the alterations of the metabolism, overexertion of digestion, sleep disturbance and some other sudden change. 

Fatigue and overweight are the most obvious symptoms, however, behind them there is also a wear and tear on our health, which takes its toll more slowly and silently when we least expect it.

A good piece of advice would be to start by setting limits on eating excesses that we must be clear about not going beyond. But how many of us are disciplined enough to comply with this?

To begin with, just keep in mind that the less weight we gain, the less weight we will have to lose and the less effort we will have to make in the future. This is a mantra that can help us in our daily life to control ourselves and reduce unhealthy exaggerations.

Training personal outdoor Mallorca

Still, we all have our weaknesses and take advantage of the holidays to relax even in the most routine behaviors, it can be beneficial to our brain, as long as we have the common sense not to overdo it.

Taking advantage of the beginning of the new year, good resolutions begin in this way, moved by remorse and with them gym memberships, shopping for sports models to motivate us, night races after work without organization or control, and yo-yo diets that cause us more lack of body control and that in the end serve more to silence our remorse and hunger, than to lose weight.

Take advantage of the benefits of a personal trainer to get in shape.

The fact that we want to get in shape after the holidays says a lot about us, however, it is proven that the number of failures is much higher than the successes and this has its reasons in the poor organization of the improvised process to recover our physical shape.

In shape after christmas

The day after we have filled ourselves with “the last supper”, suddenly, we start to take away from our body all the contribution of sugars, proteins, fats and other important nutrients for its correct functioning. 

We start to work with military exercises to lose weight “the sooner the better” and normally without control, without measure and we are ready to do anything to lose a few kilos.

Over-training seems to be the only solution to our problems, along with the lack of proper nutrition that has suddenly gone from Christmas nougat and the Three Kings cake to lettuce and carrots.

That’s when the injuries, the dizziness, the fatigue start and it doesn’t take long for us to throw in the towel and sink into our frustration.

Lose weight after christmas personal trainer

In Body & Mind we have other safer ways, we put at your disposal a personal trainer that in a short time will take you back to enjoy your body, healthier, stronger and with all its functions restored.

Be in shape all year round with Body & Mind and your personal trainer

Together with your Body & Mind Mallorca personal trainer, you will discover that staying in shape is much easier and more enjoyable than you thought. You will start working out little by little, according to your body’s possibilities but improving every day. 

You will have at your disposal a personalized exercise table as well as a tailor-made diet, to satisfy your needs and at the same time lose weight gradually and definitively without risking your health, or going hungry.

Routine excercises after christmas

You will be able to share your sports moment with other people who have the same challenges as you and thus encourage you all not to throw in the towel. You will also enjoy exercising outdoors, taking advantage of the different landscapes that the island of Mallorca offers you.

Don’t you think all this is better than starving yourself to death alone while you sweat aimlessly in a gym seven days a week?

Achieve your goal of getting in shape by enjoying each session

You will soon realize that you have lost the weight that was left over and have regained the energy and desire to do. What started out as a necessity has become a delicious habit you won’t want to give up.

The fatigue partners you will find at Body & Mind, including your personal trainer, will now be part of your life and above all you will have learned to know your body, to overcome your limits and to value every excess before you throw yourself into it again.

Training personal mallorca after christmas

Thanks to Body & Mind, you will discover that maintaining a balance of body and mind throughout the year is much more valuable than spending your life in excess. You will learn to indulge in those whims we all crave at Christmas celebrations without having to regret it afterwards, as your balance and discipline will be your main ally.

What are you waiting for? Now you know that getting in shape after the holidays is within your reach. Sign up now for our personal training program with the professionals of Body & Mind Mallorca, you will feel safe, attended and cared for in every workout and together we will motivate you to achieve your goals without giving up and enjoying the journey.

If you want, with our support, you too can stay in shape. Find out more about our personal training programmes in Mallorca without obligation.


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