Personal Trainer in Mallorca

Personal training is the most effective form of physical training.

As a personal trainer, I asume the compromise that my clients will meet their goals, whether it’s losing weight or getting in shape.

I adapt to the needs of my clients and offer a flexible schedule. I use different training gears and the latest trends in Fitness such as T.R.X. (Suspension training) N.R.G. (Functional training) and kettlebell (fat burning and core training).

Trainings sessions can be done anywhere: at home, in the park, in boats, or wherever the client wants. It is not necessary to workout in a gym, but if the preferred, sessions can be at gyms as well. It’s also possible to change scenario for each session.

In general it’s more fun and exciting to go outdoors and it has many benefits. You can learn how I work here.

Personal Trainer in Mallorca

Personal Trainer in Mallorca

What I can do for you

Functional Training: This is a relatively new concept in personal training. In essence it is about completing a full body working in one sessions, using the body natural weight in all aspects of the training session including activities such as: jump, balance, strength, co-ordination, power, flexibility and general resistance.

It’s workout that will improve your strength as well as cardo. Benefits of this training are complete and faster than any other systems (and of course always as with all my training lots of fun!).

The tools I use in the workout are the Fitness latest trends including: T.R.X. (Suspension training) N.R.G. (Functional training) and kettlebell (fat burning and core training).

With these systems, and with the special motivation that I give to you the benefit can be almost immediate.

You will feel energised and motivated after each session and will soon notice improvements in your body and overall energy levels.

Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training Functional Training

How I do it

Workouts can be done anywhere: In your home, at our gym, on the beach or anywhere you prefer, we don’t need a gym to work out and in the beautiful island of Mallorca there are some many inspirational places to workout – we don’t always need the gym! I love to change the training scenario. It is more fun and motivating to go outdoors (and it has many benefits). Personal training sessions can also be in pairs or small groups.

We use simple but effective materials to help you reach your goals including:


Benefits of the Anaconda System: High intensity training involving all muscles, arms and trunk especially. Excelent trunk (core) musculature workout. A great tool that you can try with Body and Mind Mallorca.



One of the most complete workouts – using a half swiss ball with 1 side flat – this will help improve core strength, your balance, endurance and overall body posture.



Boxing helps you reduce tension, increase endurance whilst working out the entire body to improve agility whilst losing weight & toning your body. If you have not tried this before now is the time with Body and Mind Mallorca.

Boxing benefits


What is Kettlebell?

A Kettle Bell – is a singular weight that resembles a ball with a handle. The shape and size of the Kettle Bell makes is a flexible piece of equipment to work all parts of the body. Using different exercises the kettle bell will not only help you increase strength and flexibility but at the same time strengthen your core & back. This is an excellent method for tonight the body and weight loss.



TRX was first invented by the US Navy Seals who needed to find an easy, mobile method of exercising often in remote and cramped environments.

At Body and Mind we use TRX either in your home, on the beach, in the country and in the gym such is the versatility of the TRX. It can be used for a total body workout, upper, lower & core – try it with Body and Mind Mallorca today!



The Energy Bag is a totally versatile piece of equipment and we can perform more than 50 different exercises with the bag. Activating muscles & burring fat this is a fantastic, flexible training bag that can be used to build endurance whilst working many different areas of the body.

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