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I’m sure that many of you have begun to exercise or have continued with your sports routine during this quarantine, despite having to practice it at home.

Some of you have done it to fill those hours of the day that you do not know what to do. Others will have done it to move around a little bit, since being at home for so many hours your body is crying out for a bit of movement. And we hope that many to continue with that sport habit that you had already acquired before all this will pass.

The benefits of regular exercise

But most importantly, you will have realized how important it is to exercise regularly and, even more so, the benefits of continuing to exercise daily.

Today from Body and Mind, we want to remind you of the importance of doing sport frequently and all the benefits it brings to your body and mind.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Everyone knows that a healthy mind helps to have a healthy body too. And one of the ways to achieve good mental health is to practice regular exercise. At the moment you are performing your daily routine, your mind goes blank or just thinks about the breathing and movement you have to do at that moment. During all that time you are practicing sport, your mind relaxes, disconnects from your daily routine and the stress of day-to-day life is greatly reduced.

In addition, when you finish your exercise, your body and mind experience a unique sense of general well-being. A shot of energy that makes you feel more vital, younger and that you can handle anything. That’s why exercising regularly helps you feel good. You feel good! Your muscles will be more relaxed and your body will rest better.

Body and Mind Mallorca

Flexibility, endurance and strength

Muscles must be worked constantly and to define them requires time and perseverance. The only way to achieve the muscle tone we want is by doing sport every day. If you get used to doing strength exercises on a regular basis, you will manage to increase the resistance and strength of your muscles, as well as toning your whole body.

At Body and Mind, we know that by combining muscle strengthening exercises with stretching, you will gradually develop greater flexibility in all your muscles. If you practice this type of training continuously, your body will acquire more elasticity, which will allow you to be more agile in your daily movements.

But it’s not just your muscles that benefit from regular training. Your bones and tendons will also thank you. By working with your whole body every day, you’re preparing it to avoid future injuries. Your bones and tendons get stronger with every exercise, and if you practice daily, you’ll improve your joint health. In other words, by constantly working on all your joints, you are less likely to be injured by a fall or a blow.

Constant Training in Mallorca

Simply climbing stairs, walking to sites, or getting a half-hour’s exercise at home will be beneficial to your health. Any physical activity you introduce into your daily routine will help you feel better, more active and agile. 

Constancy, your best ally

Progress can only be noticed if there is perseverance. Don’t get depressed if during these months you haven’t managed to lose those extra kilos you wanted or to increase your physical strength notably. Just because we are exercising for a while does not mean that we will notice significant changes in our bodies immediately.

To achieve this change to a healthier life, we need to make exercise a habit, a part of our daily lives and not an obligation to achieve a goal.

Besides, if you stop your sport routine once you have reached your goal, you will return to the starting point, and it will be more difficult to resume that good habit you had acquired. An easy way to make sport a pleasant routine? With a personal trainer to accompany you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

The personal trainer, your routine partner

At Body and Mind Mallorca, we make it easy for you. There is nothing that we like more than to accompany all our sportsmen in this physical and mental change. Because, besides constancy, what you need most to make sport a habit is motivation.

By doing your exercises with a personal trainer, you will get that extra motivation you need to complete them and give one hundred percent of yourself in every movement. And most importantly, don’t stop playing sports.

Exercise in Mallorca

As your personal trainer, we won’t let you give up. We will motivate you to continue with your workout every day so that you can watch your body and mind evolve by playing sports on an ongoing basis.

And since we know that every person is a world, and not everyone likes or does well with the same type of exercise, at Body and Mind, we make totally personalized plans. In this way, we adapt one hundred percent to your sport level and your objective.

By planning specific exercises for each person, not only do we achieve your goals, but we also get you hooked on the sport, making it a fun and enjoyable habit. In addition, with our monitoring, you will see the progress you are making and how, little by little, your body is changing. So, playing sports with a personal trainer is a real advantage!

Get disconnected from the stress of everyday life, have a better mood and, above all, a strong and healthy body to face the daily challenges – benefit from the power of regular exercise!

Let us at Body and Mind Mallorca plan a specific training routine for you and you will see how sport becomes your best ally.

If you live in Mallorca and want to take advantage of its beautiful places to get in shape and enjoy doing sport regularly with our supervision and experience, contact us and start your new sport routine today.


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