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In recent years, there has been more and more talk about the danger of increased cholesterol for people and the importance of fighting it with a correct diet and above all with regular physical exercise.

It is very common to think “it’s not going to happen to me”, until, in the best of cases, the tests are triggered and warn us that we are putting ourselves in danger, or worse, that our own body warns us with a scare.

Do we know what cholesterol really is?  At Body & Mind Mallorca, we not only know what it is, but as professional trainers, we teach our clients how to fight it thanks to our personalized training plans.

“Know your enemy and know yourself”

Sun Tzu | The Art of War

What is cholesterol and why should you worry?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that we have in our body, it is part of us and we need it for a correct functioning, as well as sugars, the rest of fats, minerals etc, but always in its right measure.

In general we know that it is divided into two types, the HDL also called good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol, whose concepts depend on the intensity of each, ie the lower density is considered more bad. 

For example, if you take an inflatable balloon this has low density, but occupies more space at the volume level and this fact in the arteries is bad because it obstructs easily and  this is what makes the bad cholesterol. However, a tennis ball has a higher density with a much smaller volume, so it is associated with good cholesterol, because it passes through the arteries with less chance of clogging.

However, there is also a third element involved in the total calculation of our cholesterol and that is triglycerides.

The latter are a subgroup of lipids that are in the blood and store calories, which will be used, in due course, as energy.

At this point, it is easier to understand how the accumulation of energy is harmful if it is not consumed properly.

Healthy diet and correct physical activity, can they help me?

To begin with, getting into the habit of eating a diet with a higher amount of unsaturated fats (without abusing them), a high intake of fibre and low in cholesterol-raising foods, such as crackers, animal fats, whole milk, fatty cheeses etc., is a good start to taking care of our bodies.

For this reason, at Body & Mind, we mainly recommend a good diet and proper physical exercise to keep your cholesterol in check. The accumulation of cholesterol causes a serious problem for our arteries and can affect the blood circulation that nourishes the heart and cause angina pectoris or in the most serious cases a heart attack.

A correct and constant physical activity, not only makes us maintain our ideal weight, but globally helps us control blood pressure, stress and also, thanks to it, we monitor and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Why is supervision by a personal trainer important for your physical activity?

Thanks to our extensive experience as personal trainers in Mallorca, we know that cardiovascular health can be increased with physical exercise that can vary between light, moderate or intense, depending on other factors such as age, mobility, physical fitness or general health.

In fact, you should consult your doctor before starting a sport that you are going to practice seriously and constantly, to know in advance what level of physical exercise your body can support.

That’s why, even if a friend advises you to take long walks or a family member tells you to walk fast, it’s best to see a personal trainer who can design a workout that’s right for you.

This way you will avoid overtraining or falling short of your potential. 

How do I know which exercise is right for me to control my cholesterol?

You put the will and Body & Mind, offers you its knowledge to advise you, accompany you in each level of training, watch that you do not overdo it or push you if you fail the constancy. The important thing is that you have to exercise correctly and regularly.

It’s no good running a marathon of many kilometres in one day, just because the doctor has scared you or because you wake up motivated. It is much more effective to organize a routine two or three times a week and be faithful to your training program.

In addition, with Body & Mind Mallorca you can do your training outdoors, on the beach or in the mountains, in the company of other people with the same problem and purpose, so that your exercise plan is more enjoyable and above all you can avoid the temptation to throw in the towel.  

Controlling your cholesterol has multiple benefits

Constant practice of sport and a healthy diet, besides helping you to keep your cholesterol under control, will benefit you in other very important aspects of your health, such as controlling your weight, lowering glucose levels, maintaining correct blood pressure and fighting the negative effects of stress.

That means that with a little effort on your part, you can achieve multiple benefits for your health, your wellbeing and for the peace of mind of those who love you, not to mention the immense benefits for your heart, your lungs and your joints.

A sedentary life and inactivity are your cholesterol’s greatest allies

From Body & Mind, besides explaining all this, we can do much more for you, from guiding you towards a healthy diet, to creating your own personalized exercise chart according to your needs.

We will help you to leave aside the laziness that stops you so that the moment of your physical activity is your healthy moment and you can enjoy it while you take care of yourself. As soon as you start working out with us, you will look forward to your next workout, because it won’t be long before your body’s wellbeing is noticed.

Your work life, playing with your children, going out with your friends or competing with your partner in daily tasks, even climbing the stairs of your house, will no longer be challenges but moments where burning cholesterol will be a pleasure for your body.

Do you want to start your fight against cholesterol? Great, it’s the first big step towards your healthy future. Contact our professional Body & Mind trainers and put yourself in expert hands to win the battle now!


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