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One of the most common problems, in different age groups, is knee injury.

Sudden movements in sports, overloading due to work or joint wear over the years are just a few examples of the causes that can most easily lead to knee injuries.

It must be taken into account that the knee is one of the joints most subject to trauma because it supports the weight of the body every day, the ones we use the most for any movement in sports and, on other occasions, the one we do not move enough when we reach a certain age, thus making it difficult to lubricate the joint correctly.

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Both excess movement, high sports effort, bad posture, as well as sedentary lifestyles, especially at a later age, can seriously damage our knees, forcing us to go to the hospital for surgery.

Once the injury has been diagnosed, it is when the doctors inform us of the need for an operation. Now it is too late for regrets and we have no choice but to undergo the operation, the post-operative and the painful rehabilitation or physiotherapy sessions to regain full mobility of the affected knee.

Total recovery of our knee joint

It is in this last stage of recovery, once you have been discharged from the hospital, that Body & Mind can help you recovering maximum mobility in this joint that is so important for our body.

knee recovery exercises

After a period of inactivity due to the injury, the musculature of the affected leg atrophies and therefore, it is necessary to return little by little and in a progressive and correct way to reactivate the mobility

To do this, we must regain the muscle mass that we have lost during this period of immobility, which must be done with specific movements and in a progressive way, always under the supervision of a specialist, so that he can guide us and help us to make our muscular recovery as bearable and effective as possible, and prevent us from abandoning at the first sign of tiredness in rehabilitation.

How can I get my knee joints functional again?

It seems that we only have to focus on the leg or the knee, however, we have to take into account that it is a recovery work that involves the body as a whole and that we have to work on it as a whole thinking of giving it back its natural balance and firmness.

recovery knee injury Mallorca

Most probably, we will be shifting the weight on the stronger leg, in addition, the muscle elasticity needs progressive stretching of the muscles, which by lack of activity or self-defense, have shrunk to harden.

Massages to drain and avoid fluid retention that make our legs feel heavy, is another important factor to take into account for the proper functioning of our body.

All this is almost impossible to do alone, without risking mistakes due to ignorance or the rush to get back to the way things were before, as well as the high probability of throwing in the towel halfway through and never recovering 100%, dragging limps, fears of movement or of returning to our favourite sport.

The importance of a professional for a total recovery

In Body & Mind we know first hand all these factors, the difficulties and the uneasiness that sometimes implies a post rehabilitation, for this reason, we create a personalized recovery tables at your age, type of knee injury and physical condition, to accompany you on the road to your recovery and ensure that you do not abandon but reach the end of your restoration having achieved the goal of regaining full functionality of the knee.

injuries knees recovery

The joint mobility that we, the professionals of Body & Mind, work with, is not limited to basic movements such as the simple fact of walking or bending the joints, but we combine static and dynamic positions in Step and Bosu, finishing with fasciatherapy.

Another strong point is to work unilateral exercises in Bosu or Freeman Plate, without movement (isometric positions), with stretching, also in quadriceps extension machine to strengthen and recover the total balance of the affected area.

The new knowledge, together with the most modern apparatuses like the ones we are mentioning, will make your recovery an important moment to reconnect with your whole body, reduce the discomfort of the exercises and activate your mind in a positive way to reach the goal of full form, all this in a pleasant way so that it does not interfere with the desire to quit.

At the massage level, fascia therapy is unique in stretching the connective tissue (fascias) so that, along with the movement of the joints to lubricate and the active stretching of the knee, it is the perfect combo for loosening the kneecap. The massage work does not end here but reaches the femoral and quadriceps to ensure the correct mobility of the whole leg and to integrate it again in total balance with the body.

As you can understand, the possibilities for your total recovery are multiple, but sometimes not as simple as you can imagine, that is why you need the experience and practice of the professionals at Body & Mind so that everything mentioned above is done correctly and so that your joints work again.

Thanks to these works we will help you to gain muscular strength and recover the functionality of your joints, as well as strengthen the muscle to avoid the appearance of new injuries.

You only have one body and it deserves all your attention, so if you are in Mallorca, put yourself in the hands of Body & Mind so that we can help you to rehabilitate and recover your injured joints so that you can return to your daily activity without any complications and being fully recovered. 


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