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Prepare for a run

Popular races have become fashionable in all Spanish cities. They are the perfect excuse to exercise outdoors, with friends and often for a good cause. They are also the perfect setting to test yourself and know how far you can go.

In Body and Mind we are your personal trainer in Mallorca, we organize a complete training program so that on the day of the competition you can complete the race in an optimal time and without your muscles and joints suffer.

There’s not much left for that race you’ve been waiting for so long, and are you preparing? Have you prepared yourself physically and mentally for the competition? It’s not all about signing up for a race, having the right shoes and the perfect model. Preparation is key!

This type of competition requires prior preparation not only to reach the finish line without fainting, but also to avoid injury during the race.

Pre-race preparation

Pre-race preparation

Whether you’re an expert runner or you’ve just entered in the world of running, you need to be prepared beforehand to face these types of races. How?

At Body and Mind we design a complete training plan so that you can progressively improve your physical performance, your times and achieve a perfect race.

It is important that you have patience and do not start running the distance you will cover in the race on the first day, nor impose impossible times from the first start.

We will help you with your progress. Little by little we will increase the distance covered and we will demand better times. Always taking into account your physical abilities.

One of the great benefits of working with a personal trainer is that you will keep track of your progress and will not overexert yourself, which is very important to avoid injuries.

Within our training plan, we will plan different outings with different intensities, because if we always train at the same intensity we will tire our body and we will not notice any progress in our performance.

We will mix sessions to improve speed with sessions that allow us to increase the distance covered. In addition, we will also perform endurance exercises to improve our physical condition.

Prepare a run with a personal trainer

In Body and Mind, we will join you during all the progress, we will be your companions of fatigue and you will see how to go out to run accompanied is less hard for you.

In addition, we will study the route you will take on the day of the race

so that you don’t get any surprises. It will always be easier to face a challenge if you know what you are facing. In this way, you will become familiar with the route, you will know the ascents, descents, turns… and we will be able to work on a sports strategy to achieve a perfect race.

It is as important to prepare the route as it is to prepare the body and mind. Besides being in shape, you must be aware that running is usually a very solitary sport, only you, your body, the race and your mind will be there. It is essential to work the mind to avoid absent-mindedness or low self-esteem.

The day of the race

The day of the race

The day of the race arrives and the moment to verify the result of all the effort we have made. After spending so much time training for the big day, you don’t have to throw away all the hard work we’ve been doing for months.

That’s why it’s essential that you relax your mind so that your nerves don’t play tricks on you or demand more of yourself than you can achieve. It’s time to enjoy the race and see how far you can go. To be able to enjoy the race 100% and achieve your goal, keep these tips in mind.

1.- Rest the days before the race: you’ve been training for a long time and it won’t help if you get crushed the days before the big event. You have worked as hard as you can to date and the only thing you will achieve by increasing your training rhythm before the competition is to get tired to the race.

Reducing the training before the race we get our legs are more rested and perform more.

2.- Equipment: it is totally forbidden to wear new sneakers, T-shirts, accessories… anything on the day of the race. Your body is used to training with specific sports shoes and clothes that already have a use, is worn and does not cause you any discomfort.

If you wear sportswear for the first time, you run the risk of being rubbed and having to abandon the race because of injuries.

3.- Breakfast, the most important meal of the day: and more the day of the race, because your body has to have enough energy to withstand all the competition. Have a nutritious and energetic breakfast.

Although the best thing is to eat what you are accustomed to having breakfast every day. And, above all, try to avoid foods high in fiber, so as not to feel discomfort while running.


4.- Start on the right foot: you’re very excited about doing the race well and trying to get your best mark, but that’s not why you have to start the race at full speed from the very first moment.

If you start running at a higher pace than you’re used to training, it’s normal not to hold that pace for a long time and end up fatigued before the end of the race.

5.- Concentrate on your objective: it’s your moment, it’s time to enjoy the race and concentrate on doing the course at a good pace. For months, at Body and Mind, we have been worked out a plan to achieve your goal.

Don’t think of anyone else, or of the person next to you if they run more or less than you or if there are a lot of people or if it looks like it’s going to rain. Be optimistic, think positive, in everything you’ve been working on this time to achieve your goal. You can do it and you know it.

If you live or are in Mallorca and you need to prepare for a race, in Body and Mind we will train you thoroughly so that when the day comes you can finish it with complete peace of mind and without suffering from the lack of training and preparation.

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