Specific work for joint rehabilitation in Majorca

After suffering an injury or surgical intervention to the shoulder, knee or hip and after performing the sessions with a professional rehabilitator, we should not leave the recovery and much less believe that we are back to the way we were before.

The area or joint affected by the injury not only needs to be rehabilitated but also, subsequently, needs to be strengthened again to avoid future injuries and so that both our body and our brain, close the chapter of the injury and start to function normally, without taking bad postures for fear or defense against any unforeseen event.

In Body and Mind we are aware of the importance of our dedication to your recovery, to define a personalized exercise plan depending on the type of injury, limb or joint affected, as your physical situation at the time of starting the specific work of recovery.

The most appropriate in these cases is to gradually introduce physical activity to achieve maximum functionality. At Body & Mind, we recommend that this post-rehabilitation stage is always supervised by one of our specialists.

Rehabilitación en Mallorca

Rehabilitación en Mallorca

Who is our post-rehabilitation service for?

Our care as personal trainers is of great help for those who need to regain the level of functionality after an injury or intervention, recover and gain strength, muscle mass, improve coordination and regain joint mobility.

The techniques we provide during our specific sessions at Body & Mind, are the most beneficial and modern, bearing in mind that any exercise system can be applied to any joint that needs to recover.

Rehabilitación en Mallorca

Rehabilitación en Mallorca

How we work your post-rehabilitation in Body & Mind

At Body & Mind we have the knowledge and professionalism to help you correctly with your recovery in the following cases:

  • Hip rehabilitation: we work hip rotation with unstable work in Bosu, and Step, combined with dynamic/static stretching with fasciotherapy work.
  • Shoulder rehabilitation: we work on joint mobility with static and dynamic elastic bands, stretching and fasciotherapy.
  • Knee rehabilitation: we work with joint mobility combined with static and dynamic positions in Step and Bosu ending with fasciotherapy.

Thanks to these works we will help you gain muscle strength and regain the functionality of your joints, as well as strengthen the muscle to prevent the appearance of new injuries.

If you need experts who care about your well-being and take care of your hip, shoulders and knees with a specific job, Body & Mind is your professional training center in Mallorca.

Contact us and we will provide you with the best solution so that you can fully recover from your injury.

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