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You can already see the good weather, the summer is coming. More hours of sunshine, higher temperatures… And what do we like most about this time of year? Getting out of the house! And, finally we can do it!

After being confined for two months, our body was crying out for some movement and to be able to stretch our legs again. Not only going up and down the stairs or walking down the corridor or in the garden of the house, but also being able to go for a run, on a bicycle, take long walks along the seashore or in the countryside…

outdoor sport

There’s nothing better than playing sports outdoors! At Body and Mind, as your personal trainer in Mallorca, we know all the advantages of getting fit outside. That’s why we love to organize training sessions outdoors. In this way we combine our exercise boards with a good atmosphere that motivates us even more to do sport every day.

Besides, we are in Mallorca! There is no better place to get fit outdoors than our beautiful island.

Body and Mind and Mallorca, your sports paradise

We are lucky enough to live on an island with infinite locations for training abroad. Extensive promenades, mountain routes, infinite white sand beaches…

There are many options for carrying out different types of sports sessions in different spaces. A TRX training on the beach, a BootCamp circuit in the mountains or strength exercises with a view to the sea.

At Body and Mind, we know that the key is to take advantage of all the benefits that Mallorca has to offer and to look for locations that help us to concentrate on our training, that produce that feeling of well-being with ourselves and favour our performance.

beach and mountains training

That is why we choose the right location for each session. In the same way, we try to ensure that there is harmony between the environment and the person so that you can perform your training better.

In addition, the Mediterranean climate is even more conducive to us going outside to practice our daily exercises.

Who wouldn’t be motivated by practicing sport while enjoying the sea breeze and an almost tropical temperature? Mallorca has warm temperatures almost all year round. And we also have more hours of light than in other parts of the world.

All we have to do is choose the right time to go out and train. That interval in which it is neither cold nor hot, but the ambient temperature is perfect so that you don’t get cold or drown in the high temperatures. That’s the time to exercise.

Gym training or outdoor training?

With the upcoming openings of gyms again, many of you may be wondering if it is better to train in a sports hall or outside and what are the main differences from working out in an enclosed space to working out in the open air.

Both options are good, in fact, throughout the year you can combine training in gyms with doing sports outdoors. It’s up to you. What kind of exercise do you like to do? What is the goal you hope to achieve? What motivates you most?

beach personal training

In good weather, we like to train outdoors, rather than being cooped up in a room full of walls and mirrors. Why? Because that feeling of freedom and disconnection that comes from playing sports outside is not given by gyms.

You can run along the seafront, exercise your strength and flexibility while feeling the sea breeze or discover new mountain routes with your bike. In the gym you always see the same people and the same background.

In addition, training in gyms limits your movements. Your body is forced to adjust to the machines, often in incorrect postures, to perform depending on which exercises.

This can cause you not only to perform your workout poorly, but also pain and even injury from not exercising properly. With sessions outside, your body is more liberated. The movements are more natural, they are the ones you do every day and they are not forced.

Also, keep in mind that your body needs vitamin D. And by doing training sessions outdoors we are more exposed to the sun, which allows your body to absorb all that vitamin you need and, why not, get some colour too.

It’s true that those people who lack willpower see the gym as a safe option. You feel an obligation to go, since every month you pay your dues. There are certain schedules, with certain activities.

outdoor training

Everything is more organized and structured, which makes it easier to keep up with your routine. But always doing the same sessions, in the same place, can make you lose interest in the sport, make it a boring activity, instead of a daily motivation to continue and end up quitting.

If you need that organization as a push to exercise daily, you can get in shape with a personal coach. We organize personalized sessions and follow up daily to make your workouts more fun.

At Body and Mind we are 100% adapted to you

With the help of a personal trainer you can get fit outdoors with organized and continuous sessions. You don’t have to go out and improvise what exercise you are going to practice today.

Mallorca training advantages

At Body and Mind, we adapt to you, your needs, your schedule and your goals. In this way, we create a complete training plan exclusively for you.

Follow-up is a fundamental pillar within the sports routine. Having a personal trainer by your side during this whole journey will help you to know your improvements and see how you improve every day with each training session.

Besides, we won’t let you give up. We are your routine partners, so we will motivate you every day to continue with your sessions and not only achieve your goals, but also show you that sport is fun.

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor training, order your Body and Mind workout now.


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