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Do you like swimming? And running? Then at Body and Mind Mallorca, we have the ideal sport for you, the SwimRun.

A hard sport that combines swimming and running. Yes, yes, as you read it. As if we were talking about an aquathlon, you will go from swimming in the open sea to running on the hard tarmac of the road and with the same clothes!

Swimrun with Body and Mind Mallorca

This sport has been practiced in the Nordic countries for more than ten years and today, in Body and Mind, we discover this Viking modality that has come to our country to stay.

What is the SwimRun?

This sport was born in Sweden when a hotel owner was looking for a way to compete with his friends. But it was not until years later that the first official SwimRun competition was held in Ötillö, which consisted of swimming and running around the Swedish islands.

Now this town has become the host of one of the most important SwimRun world championships.

The Swimrun is like a continuous roller coaster, full of changes and shocks. It is a stage competition, involving repeated swimming and running, with constant transitions from water to land. It always consists of at least two sections, one swimming and one running.

But the distances can vary between 21 and 42 kilometers combining the open sea and the paved road or, also, the calm waters of the rivers and the mountain roads.

One of the greatest complications of this discipline is that you cannot change your clothes between stretches. You must swim and run in the same clothes.

If you have run a marathon, triathlon or trail, you will know how difficult it is to get the right clothes to endure the whole race without having any surprises. Breathable, lightweight material that adapts perfectly to your body… are some indications to keep in mind when we go in search of the perfect sports uniform.

Swimrun advantages

Imagine now, running and swimming in the same clothes throughout the competition. It is very important to decide if you prefer to run with wet shoes and fit in a neoprene or if, on the contrary, you prefer to swim with the weight of your perfect road shoes – a real challenge!

Important! Don’t forget the equipment

One of the requirements of the Swimrun rules is that all participants have the obligation to carry the material throughout the competition. That is, just as you have started the race you must finish it, you cannot leave any piece of equipment behind.

There is material that is obligatory like:

  • Neoprene suit: there are different models of neoprene according to their length (long sleeve, trimmed, short sleeve…) and according to their density and thickness. Normally, the specific SwimRun usually reach the knee and have a zipper on the front. Although it all depends on the temperature of the water in which you are going to swim.
  • Hat: the hat is usually given by the organization of the race, as it is where you see the dorsal.
  • Water goggles: as with the choice of neoprene, you will have to decide which are the best goggles for your competition, depending on the waters in which you are going to dive, because there are models for open waters, with tinted lenses to protect from the sun…
  • Shoes: Given the popularity in the Nordic countries, there are already Swedish brands that have made specific shoes for this competition. Shoes that do not absorb much water and have holes so that the water comes out once we get on the road. In addition, these trainers have a sole with great grip to avoid slipping during the competition.
  • Whistle: The whistle is used as a safety mechanism, so that you can ask for help during the race if you have any mishap.
Practicing swimrun

And there is another material that is optional and advisable to make the competition more bearable. But remember that you will have to carry it all the race.

  • Pullbuoys or buoys: to provide more buoyancy and as a safety measure, many participants wear pullbuoys or buoys tied to their legs. In this way, they also become more visible during the competition.
  • Mittens or fins: mittens are usually worn by all participants. There are rigid ones or there are also neoprene gloves that are lighter and wearable throughout the race.
  • Holding rope: as one of the rules is that team members cannot be more than ten metres apart in the water or one hundred metres apart in the race, it is advisable to carry a rope to control the distances. In addition, it can also serve as a safety mechanism when you are swimming in the open sea, to maintain eye contact with your partner at all times.

Discipline in Mallorca: SwimRun and Bootcamp

Although they can be very different sports, SwimRun and Bootcamp training have similarities, especially in reference to the discipline that the athlete must have when facing these challenges and the adaptation with the environment where it is practiced.

Swimrun Calvià

Like the Bootcamp, SwimRun can be practiced individually or in a team, but the most common way is to do it with two members per team. At Body and Mind, we always think that it is better to work as a team, as it is a way to encourage fellowship among the participants and to motivate each other. Also, in SwimRun it is a safer way to compete.

We are known for carrying out Bootcamp training, taking advantage of the outdoors and nature that Mallorca has to offer. SwimRun is also often practiced in uncontrolled environments, so participants must adapt to the environment they are facing.

Swimrun Mallorca

The paths are usually not marked, the water enters and exits through complex areas, not through the sea shore. It is a challenge between man and nature.

The important thing about both the SwimRun and the Bootcamp is to have a physical base, as not everyone can face this kind of challenge. In addition, to wear the right sports shoes and comfortable clothes.

If you also want to test your physical limits, as well as share the experience with other colleagues, try our Bootcamp circuit in Mallorca and get into the world of the SwimRun. A personalized exercise program in the best locations of the island. You against the environment. What do you think? Do you dare?


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