Personal trainer for pregnant and postpartum women at home in Mallorca

At Body & Mind we have created a specific program for pregnant and postpartum women who want to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

A real long-distance race awaits you, and you don’t have to go through it alone!

Personal trainer for pregnant women at home in Mallorca

What will you achieve with our personal training plan for pregnancy?

At Body & Mind we help women in the long process of pregnancy, so that your body, faces this wonderful challenge in top shape, and you can regain a slim and agile body as soon as possible after giving birth.

With our specific personal training plan, we will help you:

  • Minimize pain during childbirth.
  • Increase your daily energy, to avoid the feeling of tiredness.
  • Work your pelvic floor muscles to avoid urinary incontinence.
  • Control your weight during and after pregnancy, so that you do not gain more than 12-13 kilos.
  • Prevent back pain
  • Improve or maintain your strength and endurance levels. 
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Teach you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the health of your baby.
  • Re-educate your body to correct posture.
  • Personalized diet.

What does the personal trainer service for pregnant women include?

We are very aware that, the 9 months of pregnancy have many stages. The training plan for the first 3 months, is not going to be the same as the work we have to do during the eighth and ninth month.

Breathing, cardio, muscle strength, elasticity, and relaxation are all part of the training we offer, always at the most appropriate time and under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Post natal Personal Training

Personal trainer for postpartum at home in Mallorca

It is easy to believe that once you have given birth, everything is over, and we return to normal life, however, a period of general body re-education awaits us. 

What changes, is that now there are two of us, and the happiness of having our baby in our arms gives us everything we need to continue with our specific postpartum training plan with which we will help you to:

  • Eliminate back pain due to the long hours you spend holding your baby in your arms.
  • Increase your daily energy level
  • Continue to improve your muscle tone
  • You will lose weight and body fat percentage so that your joints do not suffer, and your figure is the same as before.
  • Strengthen your entire posterior area (buttocks and back) to prevent pain and injury
  • Improve your cardio pulmonary system with cardiovascular training.
  • Correct body decompensations caused by pregnancy.
  • Help you with postural positioning for day-to-day activities with your baby.

Where do the workouts take place?

The environment where our training plan takes place, is very important to make you feel comfortable, happy and want to continue with it.

Our challenge is to ensure that, both during pregnancy and postpartum, the woman feels comfortable and enjoys taking care of her body. For this reason we carry out the training outdoors, in a gym or at home.

Are you looking for a personal trainer for pregnancy and postpartum?

If you need the help of a specialized professional, to accompany you during pregnancy and postpartum, in Body & Mind we will take care of your well-being. 

We will teach you the best techniques to make your pregnancy a precious memory, and you do not have to spend a long time to regain your figure and ideal weight after childbirth.

Do not hesitate and get information without any commitment.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is it advisable to exercise during pregnancy?

Of course, exercise done correctly is the best choice for a healthy pregnancy without complications,

Is a personal training program safe if I am pregnant?

Always under the supervision of a professional personal trainer and with your doctor’s supervision.

What are the benefits?

Keeping your body in top shape to face a more bearable pregnancy and an easy postpartum recovery.

When is it not advisable?

When your doctor says so or when you have a limiting injury or a risky pregnancy. (+34) 616 396 747