Relaxing Massage In Mallorca

The relaxing massage is a manual therapy aimed at improving the well-being of the person, with the maximum objective of increasing the production of endorphins in our body. It is used to solve various problems and provide benefits to our body that can be appreciated immediately.

A relaxing massage is especially beneficial for relieving the effects of stress, as well as the pressure on the back or neck caused by the bad postures we acquire daily at work or also because of muscle weakness due to lack of strength or not practicing a sport regularly.

The relaxation that this massage brings us also helps us to increase our concentration, because our mind is not distracted every moment to think about what hurts us, but can continue to concentrate on the task we are developing.

Another benefit in the short and medium term is the improvement of the quality of sleep, especially because by relaxing the muscles of the body we avoid involuntary stretching during the night. These stretches can cause jumps and sudden movements, which in turn, interrupt sleep, reducing quality and therefore, preventing us from restful and continuous rest.

As they say, the best beauty cure is eight hours of quality sleep, the night being the time when the body and mind take advantage of it to regenerate and rearrange themselves, eliminate toxins and recover the quality of the skin. A session of this massage helps our body to perform these functions in a deeper and more complete way, as it is already better predisposed to it thanks to the fact that our muscles are more receptive.

For muscle problems such as contracture, it provides immediate relief by working the muscle fibers to relax the muscle and relieve pain caused by unnatural postures. Increasingly, sedentary work forces us to spend too many hours sitting, which ends up being unnatural for human beings. If we add to this the fact that most of us are gradually adjusting and adopting postures that are totally contrary to our muscles, the result is an increase in muscular pain, which if not cared for and corrected with some frequency through massage, can degenerate into chronic muscular problems.

A fantastic emotional well-being is another benefit of the relaxing massage. This translates into the improvement of our human relations, as well as the daily performance of any of our tasks that we can develop with a better state of mind.

Finally, to add that relaxing massage is beneficial to improve our quality of life both physically and mentally and is also a moment that we give ourselves to get out of the daily stress and think a little more about ourselves.

All these benefits of massage can be found in Body and Mind. Enjoy the best relaxing massage in Mallorca, Calviá, Santa Ponsa and Palma de Mallorca.

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