Publicado el: 24.11.2023 Por Body and Mind Mallorca

A Group of Fitness enthusiasts from Mallorca were the winners of 2 podium Spots at last Saturdays Hyrox Race in Barcelona.

Out of a total of over 4,000 competitors from all over Europe and the rest of Spain, athletes from Body and Mind Mallorca won 2 podium places.

Hyrox Race Podium

Hyrox is a growing fitness craze sweeping Spain, Europe and the USA.  It is a series of 1 kilometre runs and 8 different stations.  Athletes race for the fastest time to complete the objective.

Hyrox Race Podium

Jose Manuel who owns and runs Body and Mind Mallorca said “We have all trained really hard for the last 6 months, me and 15 others from our team made the trip to Barcelona – I am super proud of each and every member of the Body and Mind team, but obviously to win 2 places on the podium made it extra special.  In reality we are a small fitness group from Mallorca competing against others from around Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.  You can imagine just how proud I am of our local Mallorca team.

Hyrox Race Podium

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