Sports Massage With Stretching In Mallorca

This type of massage is indicated for sportsmen and women. It is perfect before a competition to activate blood circulation, or at the end to relax the muscles with special stretches (myotensive) for the most complete muscle relaxation.

Over the years our body tends to shrink and with it the muscular system. Children, in their daily activity, without realizing it, are constantly stretching and stimulating their muscles.

But we adults go faster and don’t spend enough time on each task, so we finish working and often go straight to the gym without giving our muscles time to change posture and warm up for a different activity, which can cause injuries and discomfort that can continue over time and lead to more complicated problems.

Sports training, without the proper supervision of a personal trainer, can also lead to muscular overloads that, when carried over time, lead to serious problems. Once the muscle is swollen from misuse it is much more complicated and also painful to bring back into place.

For this reason, it is more advisable to warm it up properly by means of a sports massage, especially if the practice of sport is important and constant over time.

In the same way, for someone who does not play sports, it is important to insist on the muscular system so that it remains stretched and does not shrink due to lack of movements other than daily routine.

In fact, one of the main mistakes is to believe that massage is only for elite athletes, when we all have a muscular system that needs to be cared for, revised from time to time to avoid and correct bad habits in time and helped to continue giving us the performance we ask for daily and throughout life.

In Body and Mind we carry out sports massage sessions together with the necessary stretching to keep our muscles always in good tone. Enjoy the best relaxing massage in Mallorca, Calviá, Santa Ponsa and Palma de Mallorca.

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