Decontracting Massage Including Stretching In Mallorca

This special decontracting massage is suitable for the most demanding. A combination of different techniques with pressure and forearm dragging makes it a deeper massage for the activation of areas and points of muscle pain, along with complete stretching of the whole body, where you will notice the benefit and sensations from the first session.

A contracture, without being the most serious thing, can become something really painful and annoying that reduces our quality of life and prevents us from resting properly. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to have a contracture. Poor posture at work, sudden movement, or poor sleep can cause painful contractures. Stress can also cause muscle contracture almost unnoticed until the pain begins.

Once we feel contractured, we must work with the massage in depth and over several sessions, to reactivate correctly the areas and points of muscle pain. The blood and lymphatic circulation that may have become blocked must be reactivated and action taken to eliminate toxins.

In addition, we will take advantage of the decontracting massage to obtain other benefits, such as improving the quality of sleep, to release tension and negative emotions, to eliminate toxins and also, through vegetable oils, to maintain the skin in a good state of elasticity, eliminating dead cells and nourishing them properly.

Many people complain daily about migraines and headaches without knowing where they come from. A large part derives from bad postures, cervical tensions, bad evacuation, which causes retention of toxic substances in the body, and many more reasons related to bad habits that we have assumed as part of our life, without giving it importance until they cause us a real discomfort.

Only when we free the body from contractures do we really realize the importance of acquiring good habits with our body and mind to avoid reaching these extremes. Luckily, with a good decontracting massage, we can manage to redirect most of the situations that make us uncomfortable or cause pain.

All these benefits of massage can be found in Body and Mind. Enjoy the best relaxing massage in Mallorca, Calviá, Santa Ponsa and Palma de Mallorca.

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