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Do you find it hard to follow a sports routine? Have you been training to reach a goal, but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong? Don’t worry, at Body and Mind, we have the answer and the solution to all your problems.

With the personal advice of your own trainer, you will not only achieve your goal, but you will also be able to lead a healthier lifestyle.

personal trainer + massage in Mallorca

Personalized plans, daily monitoring and flexible hours to exercise. At Body and Mind, we adapt to your needs and offer you complete training packages to take care of your body.

A good sports routine to avoid injuries

Whether you are on holiday in Mallorca and want to continue with your sporting routine, or you are a born sportsman who likes to run along the beautiful Mallorcan coast, you should not forget that the body has its limits. When we train, we often forget everything and force the machine too much.

That is why having the point of view of a personal trainer is necessary, as he or she will watch you performing your exercises well and will be attentive to every movement of your muscles and joints.

In Body and Mind, we help you to know the limits of your body, not only to give your best, but also to avoid overdoing it and to avoid future injuries.

There are exercises that seem very easy to do, such as sit-ups or crunches, however, if they are not done correctly you can overload your knees or lower back. Your personal trainer will correct your posture and adjust it in such a way that you perform the exercise well and no part of your body is harmed.


Through the correct performance of the exercises, not only you are getting fit or losing weight, you are also improving your body posture and preparing your body for the passage of time.

Our muscles don’t hold up as well at 20 as they do at 60. That is why it is necessary to train, to prevent the wear and tear of age, to maintain the agility or flexibility of our body and to avoid future injuries.

The main thing is to prepare your body. Not only is it important to spend time with your muscles after each workout, but it is also necessary to prepare them for the physical exercise they will be doing.

To do this, we make a plan adjusted to your body, your sport level and your needs. This way, you will know exactly what kind of exercise is right for you and, in addition, what kind of stretching and massage you need to keep all your muscles in perfect condition.

At Body and Mind, we include in the training, plan sessions of sports massages and relaxing massages. Some of them are specific before a sport routine, others for recovery, for after exercise and, also, we insist on the importance of maintenance massages, so that our body is always in perfect condition.

A massage to pamper your body after a workout

Every year, more and more sports competitions are held in Mallorca and more people are encouraged to participate. To be able to rise to this type of challenge, it is not enough to train every day, you also need to prepare your muscles.


In Body and Mind we exercise your body to get the right rhythm and activate your muscles to avoid overloading them during the effort.

Sports massage is used to activate the blood circulation before starting to work out. This way, your muscles are already warm when you start the competition and you don’t start cold.

This type of massage is as recommended before the competition as after, especially if combined with a round of stretching. This way we will finish relaxing the muscles, after having had them in tension during the sports session.

And when the body cannot more and says enough, in Body and Mind we give way to the decontracting massage. Whether it is because you have acquired a bad posture or overloaded your muscles, your muscles need this type of deeper massage.

beach relax

It is better to treat muscle contractures in time, because they can become a chronic pain or even a more serious injury in the long run.

Stress, poor posture while working or not performing an exercise correctly can cause a contracture. Through the decontracting massage, we take advantage to release all the tensions in your body. Helping you in this way to improve the quality of sleep and eliminating toxins from the body.

Keeping your body in good condition through sport is as important as doing it through maintenance massage. Over time, our muscles shorten or shrink, which can lead to muscle pain or injury. Thanks to this type of treatment, we manage to keep our muscles stretched and in perfect condition.

personal training exercises

Because not everything is going to be training, training and training. Your muscles need a break and rest. And there’s nothing better than a massage after a hard day’s work. The perfect way to relax your muscles and leave them perfect and ready for the next workout.

Everything in this life is about balance. If you live in Mallorca and want to make a change in your life, join the Body and Mind program. We will prepare a complete training plan for you to achieve a healthier body and mind.

Or if you are spending a few days on the island, but don’t want to leave your sports routine behind, count on us to keep you working out. We adapt to your availability so that you can keep in shape, even if you are on holiday.

It’s all advantages! Leave excuses aside and start now your personalized plan with Body and Mind, we are your personal trainer in Mallorca. You will have that extra motivation that you need and the point of view of a professional, to get in shape and look a healthy body.


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