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Did you know that one of the main reasons that prevents us from achieving our ideal weight is fluid retention? No matter how much exercise you do or follow a healthy diet, if a person suffers this problem and does not remedy it with a specific training plan, it is possible that they will never achieve their goal of having a healthy and fit body.

That’s why at Body and Mind we offer totally personalised sports sessions, designed specifically for each person, as everyone has a different body and a different objective. 

Because, often when you set yourself the goal of losing weight and getting in shape, you don’t see beyond fat and muscle.

Do you want to get rid of those extra kilos and see your body more toned? However, to achieve this, you shouldn’t just do any kind of sports routine, because no matter how hard you try, you won’t see the expected results. This is because your problem is not really fat, but fluid retention.

Please, don’t despair, everything has a solution! Today in Body and Mind, we are going to discuss the main causes and consequences that fluid retention has on your body.

In addition, we’ll give you some tips, for you to put into practice and start noticing the reduction of fluids in your body tissues. Shall we start?

Causes and consequences of fluid retention

To understand what causes fluid retention, we must first understand how our body works. The body constantly regulates fluid levels through our hormonal system. But sometimes, the amount of fluid that should be expelled, is less than it should be. This leads to fluid accumulation.

There are many factors that can lead to fluid retention, from hormonal changes to excess salt in our diet.

Our body needs water to dissolve the salt we consume, and the more salt we take in, the more water our body needs to get rid of the excess sodium. If there is a lack of water in our body, the body retains every drop, which usually results in swelling of the feet, hands and legs.

One of the main and best-known causes of fluid retention in our body, is circulatory problems. This is especially noticeable in summer, when it is very hot and the veins dilate more. In addition, a good indicator of fluid retention is our legs and ankles, which swell immediately.

It is true that this problem affects a higher percentage of women than men. Fluid retention appears as a consequence of certain physiological situations that mainly affect women, such as the menopause, pregnancy or menstruation.

But, in addition, organic malfunctioning due to liver, kidney or heart disease can also lead to fluid retention.

Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyleare another of the main causes. That’s why, at Body and Mind, as personal trainers, we always recommend combining a healthy diet with exercise. Moving is essential!

Good practices to reduce fluid retention

Taking care of your diet is key to avoid fluid retention. It is therefore essential to drink plenty of water and include fruit and vegetables in our daily diet, as well as avoiding products that contain a lot of salt.

  • Drink: although you may think that drinking water makes you retain more fluids; the opposite is true. It is extremely important to stay well hydrated, as it will facilitate the body’s renal activity and make it easier to eliminate liquids.
  • Fruits and vegetables, yes: fruits and vegetables should be at the forefront of your diet, as these foods are rich in potassium and will help you counteract the effects of excess sodium in your diet.
  • Don’t be too salty: we have already discussed the problem of excess salt in our bodies. Foods already contain mineral salts, so there is no need to add more, otherwise we force our body to need more water to get rid of this excess salt.
  • Avoid snacking: foods such as crisps, nuts, crackers, canned food, etc. are totally forbidden because of the amount of sodium they contain.
  • Sugar: too much sugar is one of the great evils of the diet, as it causes obesity and makes it difficult to maintain stable fluid levels.
  • Milk: it is advisable to reduce consumption of dairy products, mainly cheese and yoghurt, unless they are low in salt. These products have a high concentration of sodium and promote fluid retention.
  • Try cooking more: convenience foods and processed foods are high in sodium, as are sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise. That’s why it’s always healthier if you put yourself at the cooker and prepare your own home-made food. Try it! It will even taste better.

Eating healthily should always go hand in hand with doing sport to get your circulation going. Because no matter how well you eat, if you’re sitting on the sofa without moving, it’s no use.

That’s why at Body and Mind we always prepare personalised plans that include a good combination of exercise and healthy food. Because this is the only recipe for a fit and healthy body.

We know that to avoid fluid retention it is essential to activate circulation and kidney activity through exercise. And it is important that you know the type of exercise you need to do to achieve this. Therefore, the best thing to do is always to be guided and advised by a personal trainer, who will work hand in hand with you to achieve your goal and overcome the dreaded fluid retention.

You can combine our training plan with any other sporting activity, whether it be swimming, walking, running… The important thing is to move, as we spend many hours sitting down every day and this is not good for circulation and fluid retention.

And, above all, rest properly. It’s not all about work, watching what you eat and exercise. Your body needs to rest well, get its hours of sleep so that your whole organism can relax and recover after an intense day. And a rested body always performs better.

Here is Body and Mind’s formula to reduce fluid retention, a balanced diet, adequate and personalised training and good rest. Are you in?


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