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The day is approaching! Have you got everything ready? Banquet? Flowers? But… what about the dress? And what about the suit? Have you already started trying on different suits to see which one is the right one? Or are you waiting to get that toned and shaped body you want to wear on your special day to start looking for the perfect wedding dress and suit?

8 weeks mallorca wedding plan

There is still time to achieve your goal and not only feel safe with the dress or suit chosen, but look incredible on your wedding day. How? In the easiest way possible, with Body and Mind Mallorca, and its eight week training program that will help you throughout the training process to get perfect in your day.

Everything ready for your wedding?

There are many factors to take into account when organizing a wedding: banquet, place, type of ceremony, guests, music, flowers … Small details that without realizing they eat the day to day and can end with our patience. Because, although many times we have help to prepare everything and for our wedding to go as we expect, it is normal that we suffer stress months before this special day.

Many things must be taken into account in the organization of a wedding and there are several factors that influence. Last minute preparations, changes, checking that everything will remain as you expect … those moments make us lose track of time and that we do not eat as we should, or take a little time a day to practice sports or simply walk an hour daily.

And what does all this stress translate into? In picking up a few kilos, even those we had already lost to look perfect on our special day. Which can cause you more stress, because you do not see yourself as you want and do not know if you will get into that dress or suit dreamed.

And what can you do? First of all breathe. Because everything has a solution. And to become more stressed or frustrated with oneself is of no use. So, Mallorcan bride and groom, don’t worry! At Body and Mind, your personal trainer from Mallorca, we have the solution to all your problems. A complete eight-week programme, which will not only help you to get the perfect body for your special day, but will also help you to release all these tensions accumulated by the preparations for the wedding. Do you want to sign up?

Personal wedding training plan 8 weeks mallorca

Get in shape in just 8 weeks

At Body and Mind, your personal trainer from Mallorca, we have the ideal program for you to look perfect at your wedding. You will manage to lose those extra pounds that you have been accumulating because of the stress of the months before day B. And you will be able to boast of a beautiful and toned body with your wedding dress or perfect suit. In just two months with Body and Mind Mallorca you will achieve your goal.

How will you achieve it? With your effort, perseverance, your sports guide accompanying you on this trip and a training that includes from personal classes, to group activities, massages and a nutritional plan totally adapted to your needs and your body.

Believe it or not. This complete training program allows you to transform your body in just two months. Yes, yes, as you read it! In a short period of time, not only will you lose those extra pounds, but you’ll also have a toned and fit body. Perfect for your special day!

But be prepared to give it your all during the training programme, because, as we say in Body and Mind Mallorca, without effort there is no reward. And, you must make every effort to achieve your goal. But don’t worry, because the most important thing is that you won’t be alone. At Body and Mind, your personal trainer from Mallorca will accompany you throughout the process to make sure you don’t throw in the towel and get your dream body.

Two months wedding personal training packages mallorca

A personal trainer to meet your goal

All training is complicated, but if to this we add the stress of a wedding, the countdown to day B, and that we no longer fit in the dress or suit we wanted to wear that day … Following a sports routine is even more complicated, because our head is a thousand things and nothing at once.

That’s why the best part of the training program we offer you at Body and Mind, your personal trainer from Mallorca, is that we will always be with you. From the beginning to the end, we will motivate you, we will sweat with you and we will give you all our support so that you reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Because making this sports trip with a guide who joins you throughout the process is less difficult and more bearable. Even, little by little, you will feel like you have lost all your laziness and you will feel like the day of training arrives to burn more calories and put your body to the test. Because motivation, knowing your limits and knowing what your progress is helping you achieving your goals. And this is only possible with a qualified personal trainer.

Your fitness trainer will organize a complete table of specific exercises for you and your body. Knowing what your limitations are and what your goal is. The only way to achieve your goal is to know your sporting level, tell you which exercises are best for you and keep track of all the progress you are making during the workouts.

It will also prepare a specific nutritional plan for you, because each body is different and each person is looking for a specific result.

Everyone knows that sport is the best natural stress reliever. And at Body and Mind Mallorca, we look forward to helping you release tension, so you can enjoy the day to day and the preparations for your wedding. In addition, we want you to feel good about yourself and see you shine on your big day. So take advantage of our complete eight-week training program and get the body you want for your special day. Long live the bride and groom!

Training wedding eight weeks Mallorca

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