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It’s already summer! More hours of sunshine, warmth… it even seems like we have more time to do everything we set out to do. At this time of year, you always want to get out of the house, make plans with friends or simply enjoy the environment and nature.

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It is the perfect time to practice water sports or in a group, on the beach with the sea breeze or in the mountains breathing pure air, although many of you may be lazier to exercise, because it is very hot, you sweat more…

But high temperatures don’t have to become your perfect excuse for not moving. You just have to know how to choose the best time of day to train. At Body and Mind, we advise you on the best exercises to keep fit this summer and the best hours of training for you.

Avoid the hottest hours. Don’t burn out!

It is not a science that in summer it is better to train during the first hours of the day or the last hours of the night. It’s the time when the temperature is coolest and you don’t overheat your body while working out.

Therefore, the best time to practice sport is between 7 and 11 in the morning or from 6 in the evening, although here in Mallorca we would say that it is better from 7 in the evening, which is when the sea breeze gives us a break from the stifling summer heat.

summer training problems

Another point to take into account during training in summer is the importance of taking care of yourself by using sun protection or looking for a place where there is shade, so as not to practice sport in full sun. That is why at Body and Mind we organize sports sessions in cooler, shady places where you can take advantage of the environment to exercise. 

We schedule training sessions avoiding the hottest hours, between 12 and 4 pm, and we do not overexpose ourselves to temperatures above 30 degrees.  Since solar radiation during those hours of the day is more dangerous and harmful to the skin.

Watch out for the heat!

The ideal temperature for training outdoors is between 20 and 24ºC. Once this temperature is exceeded is when we must be more careful and we must be aware of our body’s signals.

If you suddenly experience headaches, dizziness, dehydration, cramps… It is time to stop your physical activity, find a place in the shade and hydrate yourself a lot, you may be suffering from heat stroke.

A very normal situation at this time of year, but totally avoidable if you take the necessary steps to start your sports routine.

training sun

The main thing is to stay well hydrated before, during and after practice. The heat of summer increases the temperature of our body which dehydrates more quickly. That is why you have to drink a lot of water.

Many times, we forget this an important point. But this will not happen to you if you practice exercise accompanied by our personal trainers. We will not only monitor that you perform the exercises well, we will also keep an eye on your physical condition and remind you of the importance of drinking water and keeping your body cool during your workout.

The clothes we will wear during our sports routine are also essential. Wearing light-colored and breathable clothing will help you not get so dehydrated during practice.

And if you’re one of those who likes to look good during the summer, forget it! Going shirtless while training only increases the rate of dehydration and the risk of heat stroke. 

Best exercises for the summer

TRX sessions on the beach, strength training in the mountains or flexibility and balance practice at sea. Summer is the perfect time to try new sports and add new modalities to your sports routine.

At this time of year, you can swim, surf, paddle surf, volleyball… Sports that complement your physical activity and the exercise boards that we at Body and Mind will program especially for you.

best time summer training

We adapt the exercises to your physical situation and your objectives. And we take advantage of the good weather in Mallorca to do sports sessions on the beach, at sea, in the pool or in the mountains.

Forget about continuing with the same sports routines you do all year round. Take advantage of the good weather to practice other sports. Another advantage of having a personal trainer is that you will always discover new sporting challenges to face.

We carry out personalized programs depending on each person’s physique and objective to reach. In this way, we can innovate with more enjoyable and suitable training for each time of the year.

You can keep fit, tone your body or lose weight by doing squats, push-ups or crunches, but in a totally different environment than the gym or your home. It is not the same to do these exercise boards at the beach, which you can then take a good dip in, as it is in the machine room of your gym.

It’s more enjoyable and less strenuous to work out in the open air, knowing that the sea or the pool is waiting for you, whether you want to continue your workout by doing a few laps or simply to let the water cool you down and relax your muscles after your workout.

summer beach training

So put on your best sports shoes, light and comfortable clothes, sun cream, lots of water and don’t forget your hat! At Body and Mind, we continue with personalized training during the summer in Mallorca and Calvià, taking care of you and accompanying you in your sports routine to achieve that change to a healthier lifestyle that you desire so much.

Don’t wait any longer and call us at (+34) 616 396 747 now to find out about our summer personalized training system specially adapted for you.


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