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Let’s get your body moving! Lift your spirits, shake off the laziness and get your body moving!

There’s no better way to stay fit and in a good mood at the same time than with a good cardio workout. Whether it’s dancing, running, swimming… You choose the sport you like best, we’ll go with you because, if you’re going to sweat it out, do something that motivates you and makes you want to do it every day. 

best cardio exercises

At Body and Mind, your personal trainer in Mallorca, we know how important it is to combine a specific exercise plan with cardio training, to make your training sessions more dynamic and enjoyable.

That’s why we adapt to your tastes and needs, to organise a totally personalised training plan. Because there’s nothing better than losing weight and getting fit doing something you enjoy. 

The importance of cardio exercises

Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again! Cardio exercises consist of repeating movements over a long period of time, until you can’t do it anymore! But we’re not going to put our livers out of our mouths either. The ideal is to push yourself as hard as possible with these aerobic workouts that involve movement of most of your body, as they are good for burning fat and help your metabolism burn energy. 

At Body and Mind, we include cardio exercises in our sessions to improve endurance and increase heart rate and breathing. Doing this type of workout is very important as it will help you to increase your heart rate and breathing. This means you’ll burn more calories faster, while improving your metabolism and strengthening your heart and lungs. 

burning fat

What’s more, sweating brings happiness! Even if you think it’s all suffering, the truth is that after an effective cardio workout your body feels great. That’s because exercise lowers stress hormone levels and releases more endorphins. Which translates into HAPPINESS!

Benefits of cardio

Cardiovascular exercise has many benefits. It helps you prevent some diseases, as it strengthens your heart and lungs and keeps cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes stable. 

You will notice it mainly in your body, but not physically, but in the way it feels. With these workouts your heart and lungs will get stronger, which will increase your energy level and physical endurance. You’ll feel like you can do anything. 

At Body and Mind, we include cardio workouts in our sessions because it is one of the best exercises for weight loss. Cardio helps you burn lots of calories, speeds up your metabolism and improves your body fat index by reducing the amount of fat in your body. 

In addition, these exercises help to control blood pressure, because it improves blood circulation throughout the body and increases the heart rate.  

Doing any kind of sport strengthens the immune system. But this one in particular, by increasing the heart rate, allows the body to have a greater flow of white blood cells, which fight viruses and infections. 

benefits cardio

With cardiovascular exercise you will control your cholesterol levels. This workout helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. You’ll also keep your blood sugar levels in check, as exercise lowers blood glucose. 

And, of course, it’s not just your body that will feel better, but your mind too. Because cardiovascular activities influence emotional health. And after a training session you will feel satisfied with yourself for the hard work and effort you have put in.

Everybody do cardio!

Without even realising it, you’re already doing cardio in your everyday life. When you walk up and down the stairs at home, when you cycle to work or walk to buy bread. That’s why this type of training is recommended for everyone, not just for people who want to lose weight. 

climbing stairs for cardio exercises

Cardio exercises, although they require effort and make you tired, bring wellness to your whole body. It keeps your heart and lungs going. It degreases your muscles and joints. That’s why we should all do some cardio activity during the week. Each one in its right measure and without overloading. But it’s a necessary exercise to keep your body healthy and in good condition over time. 

If you also want to get that shot of energy and happiness that comes from doing heart-racing sports, you can start dancing, cycling, going for long walks… 

Do cardio with a personal trainer

As we have already mentioned, cardio exercise can be done in a thousand ways, whether it be running, swimming, skating, climbing stairs… The important thing is the intensity you apply to the exercise. Know your limits. And for this, there is no safer way to do these workouts than with a personal trainer. 

At Body and Mind, we know what your goals are and your physical capacities to achieve them. That’s why we organise personalised plans with exercises that you can do on a daily basis, but that you are capable of doing without injuring yourself. 

The intensity of the exercise is a fundamental factor, as the higher the intensity, the greater the capacity to adapt to future activities. But this intensity and improved adaptation must be worked on while being aware of your body’s limits, without risking your health. Just because you want to last longer in an exercise, you are not going to injure yourself. 

Running for Cardio Exercise

That’s why Body and Mind, your personal trainer in Mallorca, will help and encourage you to improve every day, but step by step, without overexerting yourself. 

But don’t be lazy either. Your personal trainer will not allow you to give up too easily. To get good results from cardiovascular training, it has to be of a certain duration. Body and Mind will help you to stay motivated throughout the workout so that you can stick with it to the end. 

Working out the intensity and duration of your workout with your personal trainer will allow you to achieve your goals without taking any risks. 

So, are you ready to start your cardio workout in Mallorca, taking advantage of Body & Mind’s experience? Call us now and let’s start your new workout together.


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