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Sports massage in Palma de Mallorca

Do your muscles feel heavy after exercising? Do your joints hurt when you’ve been exercising for some time? All these symptoms are normal if you don’t take enough care of your muscles and joints.

Your body needs to be pampered before and after training. When you decide to get in shape, you have to take into account that you are exercising muscles that you have never trained before, so it is normal for them to suffer after a day of sports. What your body needs is a sports massage, to help with blood circulation and also to relax all the muscles. In this way, you will have a faster and healthier recovery.

Playing sports requires physical demands and, therefore, you must take care of your body to avoid muscle wasting. You not only have to make an exercise table suitable for you, according to the objectives you want to achieve, but in your sports routines you should include massage as an element within your activity to achieve greater physical performance and, in this way, you will get a fit and healthy body.

The benefits of a sports massage

In Body and Mind, we will not only supervise your training, but we will also help your muscles, bones and joints to stay in perfect condition. In addition, you will enjoy a relaxing massage not only for your body but also for your mind, which will thank you.

But don’t get confused, sports massage is not just for elite athletes. We all exercise our muscles and need to take care of them and keep them in shape to avoid bad habits and ensure optimal performance of our body.

What is a sports massage?

This massage is a way to help people who train, both before and after exercise, i.e., a technique that is used pre and post-training.

Sports massage is a kind of scrub that provides and recovers the muscles of athletes. This technique prepares the tissues for the effort we are going to make and also serves for the prevention and recovery of injuries.

The benefits of a sports massage

It combines several techniques, such as stretching, compression, pressure, toning and friction. It also includes advanced Shiatsu techniques. 

This type of massage has multiple benefits for your body. It will help you preventing injuries, reduce physical exhaustion and speed up your muscle recovery. It’s the perfect way to help you reaching the optimal sports level you want to achieve. That’s why you need to include it in your training routine.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

Although it has many benefits, it is mainly done to prepare the tissues for training, keeping them in an optimal state and preventing possible injuries. In addition, sports massage is also used to recover from sports damages.

The sports massage is not only indicated to recover from injuries, but also to prevent them, as it will help to ease the pain after training. In addition, this technique improves blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins from your muscles.

Sports Massage with stretching in Mallorca

This practice is especially recommended for people who do some kind of physical activity and want to maximize their sports results. With sports massage, you will be able to increase your physical performance and help you tone up your muscles.

The sports massage, with its strong and fast movements, improves blood circulation and prepares the muscles to perform the exercise routine. But also, it eliminates muscles pain, the dreaded stiffness of the day after doing sport. With this technique you will accelerate the healing process and almost eliminate the pain of cramps, contractures or breaks that can occur after training.

You should put yourself in the hands of an expert to give you a sports massage on the days that you have planned your training. If you do it before starting your sports routine, it will help you warm up and reduce muscle tension. But, above all, it is highly recommended after a training or competition, as your muscles are overloaded and will help you relax the muscles. This technique will help you to recover from the effort made, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Types of sports massages

There are several types of sports massage depending on the objective you want to achieve.

Maintenance massage: you should include this type of massage in your sports routine on a regular basis. Because it will help you maintain the elasticity of your muscles and eliminate muscle fatigue and pain. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you must introduce it into your training routine, because once the muscle is inflamed by misuse, it is more complicated and painful to recover it.

Preparatory massage: this type of massage is convenient to perform before a competition or training. In this way, you will increase blood circulation and activate all your muscles to avoid possible injuries during exercise.

Recovery massage: this is the perfect massage after a competition or training. After the final stretches of the exercise, this technique will allow a better recovery of your muscles. In addition, not only your body will thank you, your mind too.

With sports massage you will be able to improve your physical performance without effort. In addition, you will take care of your figure, preventing possible injuries and helping your body to recover better from your workouts.

For this reason, in Body and Mind, we introduce sports massage sessions in the training programs, together with stretching boards to maintain good muscle tone, because it is more advisable to carry out a correct warm-up through a sports massage.

Keep in mind that if you don’t do your exercises well you will cause muscle overloads and bad postures. For this reason, from Body and Mind, we will help you carry out your sports routine correctly and improve your physical performance and muscles recovery with sports massages that we carry out in Palma, Santa Ponsa and CalviĆ”. In this way, not only you will you keep your body healthy, but you will be able to enjoy your workouts for longer and at the highest level.


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