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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed? Is walking no longer such an easy activity? Is tying your laces an almost impossible mission? Don’t despair! We can still help you to regain much of your mobility and elasticity. 

Taking care of yourself is not a question of age, it’s a physical and mental need. That’s why it’s so important to include a table of exercises and stretches in our daily routine. 

Calviá stretching

Although it is true that when you reach a certain age, it is even more necessary to exercise and, above all, warm up all our joints to achieve a good quality of life. 

The expression “the years take their toll” is not entirely true. It’s not the years that take their toll, it’s the bad posture and the little or no maintenance we’ve given our bodies over the years. 

Little by little, the bones become weaker and there comes a time when the muscles become atrophied if they are not exercised. If we do not exercise our body and do not stretch to keep our muscles and joints in good condition, actions as simple as getting up from a chair or walking to the supermarket will cost more work than we imagined. 

Personalised training for older people

If you’re tired of getting tired every time you have to make a move and you notice that your muscles and joints no longer respond as they once did, at Body and Mind we organize training routines adapted to your abilities so that you can regain your flexibility and feel more active. With our simple exercise boards you will also gain confidence in your daily tasks.

stretching for older people

From Body and Mind, what we intend with our personalized training for older people is to avoid overexertion when doing these daily activities and prevent muscle and bone pain

For this reason, we insist on the importance of maintaining your body in good shape, to prevent the loss of muscle and bone mass that occurs over the years. 

However, this type of exercise and gymnastics for older people must be carried out under the supervision of a personal trainer. It is the only way to control that the exercises are being done correctly and to avoid bad movements and bad postures that can trigger future injuries.  

In Body and Mind we organize specific exercises suitable for older ages and that require special attention. These are a combination of movements, stretching and fasciotherapy.

elderly people Mallorca

Our gymnastic boards are mainly aimed at exercising coordination, bone density, muscles, strength and balance. And we end with a series of assisted stretches to improve the movement of the joints. 

Stretching exercises for older people

Stretching is necessary and also improves a person’s physical capacity and helps to reduce the stress that may result from not being able to perform basic movements, such as picking up a glass from the kitchen shelf.

Thanks to our assisted training for the elderly, you will get more freedom of movement for your daily routine and the peace of mind of having professional supervision to help you prevent injuries and bad habits. 

how to stretch

And, something as simple as getting dressed or taking a shower won’t seem so complicated if you follow this simple exercise programme. 

  • Work on your balance: over the years, balance is impaired and this can translate into the risk of falling. One way to improve your balance is with this simple exercise. Standing up and holding somewhere high to avoid a fall, we shift the weight on a different leg each time. In this way, we work on our body’s coordination and balance.  
  • Healthy back: the back is one of the parts of the body that suffers most over the years because of the bad postures we have adopted both at work and at home. By doing this exercise we will focus on the muscles of the back and the shoulder to reduce this tendency to adopt incorrect postures. Lying face down on a comfortable surface, we will stretch our arms to perform the different YTWL postures. 
  • Strong arms: Maintaining strength in the arms is very important, as they form part of most of the daily actions we perform. With a few simple bending movements against the wall, we will manage to work the strength in our arms effectively. 

At Body and Mind we like to finish our stretching sessions with an exclusive fasciotherapy work. In this way, we achieve complete relaxation of all the muscles after a workout

This technique focuses on the recovery of the muscles after they have been subjected to some effort. Fasciotherapy helps to restore mobility in the joints and to release muscular tension. That is why it is so recommended to perform it after a sports session. 

It is important to reiterate that all these exercises should be carried out with a personal trainer who will help you to perform the movement correctly, without overloading any muscle or joint and avoiding you getting hurt. 

group stretching

And why not train in a group and with the support of your personal trainer? At Body and Mind, we also recommend doing these training and stretching sessions in a group. It has been proven that working out with other people of your age, who may have the same physical limitations as you, has many benefits. 

Besides, you will have extra motivation to make an effort in every exercise and we assure you that they will be more enjoyable and fun sessions. 

So don’t think twice about it. Make the move to a healthier lifestyle and get your daily activity going again with our workouts.Whether at home, in a gym or outdoors, at Body and Mind, we will organise totally personalised sessions for you, so that you have a good quality of life.


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