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Are you one of those who can not stop training even while on holiday? Are you going to enjoy a few days of relaxation and disconnection in Mallorca? If you want to continue with your sports routine during your stay on the island, but you don’t know how, don’t worry, we have the solution! With Body and Mind, your personal trainer on Mallorca, you will be able to stay in shape while you enjoy the great scenery that this beautiful island has to offer. Because being on holiday doesn’t mean giving up your daily training routine.

Stay fit during your holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca has many attractions, its beaches, its architectural elements, such as Palma’s cathedral, its streets full of history, the charm of its inland villages and its main mountain range, the Serra de Tramuntana. There are plenty of activities and visits to do when you are on holiday on the island, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to give up your sports training. Mallorca is the perfect place to combine tourism and sport. In addition, the contrast between sea and mountain makes these trainings even more special.

Make the most of your holiday time! Enjoy the island, discover the Mallorcan gastronomy and culture while you continue with your sports routine, fall in love with Mallorca and all its possibilities!

Stay fit during your holidays in Mallorca

Advantages of a personal trainer

Sports advice from a professional is essential to achieve your goals. It’s the only way to stay fit during your holidays, as it will help you not to skip any of your workouts and keep your lifestyle healthy.

To stay in shape and not lose your sporting routine, it is best to hire the services of a personal trainer. The personal trainer is your perfect companion while doing sport, because he or she continuously monitors your workout table and reviews how you are evolving during your workout.

In addition, the personal trainer offers you individual and personal advice, as not everyone needs, nor can they do the same type of exercise, everything will depend on the objective to be achieved. Do you want to tone your legs and arms? Do you want to lose weight? Or, simply, do you want to stay in shape? At Body and Mind Mallorca, we offer a totally personal plan for each athlete. In this way, we ensure that we fulfil the aims we have set ourselves.

With the support of your sports coach and the appropriate techniques, exercising during your holidays will be less heavy, and in a few sessions you will notice a great change both physically and mentally.

Personal and exclusive training

With the services of a personal trainer, you have the advantage of having everything for yourself. Your coach will focus exclusively on your training and how you evolve during the different sessions.

We offer a totally exclusive and personal program. In addition, we adapt to the needs and purposes of our athletes.

If you are looking for quality training during your holidays on the island, Body and Mind Mallorca is the personal advisor you need.

Types of training

At Body and Mind, your personal trainer from Mallorca, we make a great variety of instruction boards, using different materials or, simply, taking advantage of the environment that surrounds us.

Functional training is one of the main exercises that we put into practice, since in a single session you train balance, strength, coordination, flexibility or body resistance. In addition, this type of sports preparation has many benefits for the body, as it is a very complete exercise.

Through the latest trends in fitness such as TRX or using materials such as kettlebells, we try to adapt the training to each person, depending on the goal to be achieved.

In training with kettlebells working the body as a whole is much simpler. In addition, this type of exercise helps you strengthen the stabilise muscles and activate the central muscles, ie the hip, lower back, spine and neck. With the help of these Russian weights, it is possible to correct posture and improve mobility and balance.

TRX is the fashionable exercise among celebrities. It is better known as suspension training and it is well known by working at the same time, strength, flexibility, balance and stability of the central part of the body, always taking advantage of the weight of the body itself. For this type of training we always use special nylon tape with foot supports and grips.

Stay fit during your holidays in Mallorca

Train whenever and wherever you want

At Body and Mind Mallorca, not only do we know all the charms the island has to offer, but we also use them and include them in your sports routine. Can you imagine a TRX session on the beach? Or test your balance, strength and coordination on a yacht? All this is possible, because we do our training sessions anywhere on the island.

Take advantage of Mallorca’s good weather for outdoor sports! There is nothing better than being able to exercise breathing pure air. There is nothing more relaxing than a training session with the sea in the background.

In the park, in the mountains, in the sea, on the beach or in the heart of the city. Any place is perfect to stay in shape during your holidays in Mallorca. It is also a different way to get to know all the attractions the island has to offer.

One of the great advantages of this type of training is the possibility of changing scenery. In this way, the exercise becomes more enjoyable and it is easier to achieve the objectives set.

In addition, we do not only propose physical exercises specially designed for each person, we adapt to your time and mobility needs. We make training easier for you. And that is why we offer you a flexible timetable so that you can choose the hours of preparation that best suit you.

Don’t forget to stay fit during your holidays on the island. Contact Body and Mind Mallorca and discover all the benefits of having a trainer exclusively for you.

If you’ve already decided and want to see how we train at Body and Mind Mallorca, don’t miss this video.


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