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Now that the cold weather is beginning, many of us are tempted by the sofa, the blanket and a good series on Netflix, looking for any excuse to stay at home, without moving from our comfort zone.  “I’m tired of work, I have to do many things and I don’t have time, it’s just that… look at what day it is today…” We always find some objection to not training, but that has to stop. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the couch and the TV, put on your training shoes and exercise again. Your body and your mind need it and will thank you for it


Surely this purpose is already familiar to you and you think you’ve done that before. “Today I train and I intend to continue the rest of the week at least 3 times,” but you can always be lazy or do other things and in the end, it’s all just a day of sport or a purpose that is never fulfilled. 

Do you want to know how to keep up your training routine without skipping a day? What you need is to work out with someone who motivates you to keep going and at Body and Mind we are specialists in overcoming all the obstacles that are put in front of us, because we are clear that we want to be your personal trainer in Mallorca.

We will be your partner during the whole process, we will encourage you to continue with your exercises and we will not allow you to throw in the towel at any time.

Advantages of working out with a personal trainer

It is everyone’s desire to have a perfect body and enjoy good health, but laziness when it comes to exercise prevents us from keeping fit and taking care of ourselves. This ends up being a vicious circle, since the mind provides excuses for your body not to face any effort and, in turn, laziness slackens the will to break the bad habit of sedentary life.

Good planning is fundamental to achieve the purpose of training regularly, so the help of a coach will make it easier for you to overcome laziness and achieve goals. In Body and Mind we organize totally personalized sessions to set you some goals that you can achieve.

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Moreover, this training method has more benefits for your daily work, since the personal trainer will be your great motivator to exercise every day, he will make your training so special that you will not want to miss a single session and, if this is not enough, he will be the one who recognizes the effort you make every day, which means a boost of positivity and extra motivation to your sessions. 

Having the willpower to train every day is something that also needs to be worked on, even elite sportsmen and women need the support of someone else to follow a sports routine and a motivation from which they can get feedback to keep going. 

Meeting with a partner helps take the pressure off you when it comes to getting out, as the simple act of making a commitment to someone else puts pressure on you to keep it. If you think about it, you’ll realize that the most difficult step is the first one, once you’ve left the couch to change clothes and go out, you’ve already gone 90% of the way. 

At times like this, the less you think the better you’ll act, because your brain won’t have time to slow you down with excuses, which will only be detrimental to your health and fitness. If instead of thinking that you have to go out to train and that you’re lazy, you get dressed and go out the door, you’ll realize that you’re in the street, on your way to your sport routine and happy to have won one more day to laziness.  

In Body and Mind, we know how hard it is to follow a sport routine, that’s why we always propose entertaining exercises that will make you more excited when doing them. In this way, we manage to generate interest in exercise.

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You are already clear that, at this point, everything is easier because while you warm up your body to prepare it, you are also acting on your mind with the gratification of knowing that you feel comfortable thanks to your decision and your will power.

With Body and Mind, it’s not about training for training’s sake, but you’ll be doing workouts planned specifically for you, focused on both short and long term goals, with which you’ll see immediate results, motivating you to continue with your sports sessions. 

Another of the great advantages of training with a personal instructor is that you can choose the place and time to exercise, because not only do we adapt to your schedule, but we also recommend that you keep your appointments scheduled, to give them the importance they deserve and so that nothing gets in the way of your sporting routine.

If your mind can put obstacles in your way when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone, also, with some tricks like this, you can make it your biggest ally.  

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After spending so many hours on your feet or in the same position at work, your body needs to move and your mind needs to clear. There is no better way to de-stress and release tension than with a little exercise to otherwise entertain your body and mind…

Find that time of day to unwind, be calm with yourself and trust Body and Mind to train you. If you can put the will in, we’ll take care of the rest.

Satisfaction after sport

Although many of us are lazy to get dressed and get going, the feeling we get after a workout is unique and addictive. Your body has released all that tension accumulated throughout the day and is more relaxed. 

Moreover, you feel good and great, because you have beaten, not only laziness, but all the excuses that always prevent you from doing sport and you have exercised like never before. You’ve got your whole body system going, you’ve degreased your bones and muscles and you feel fully satisfied and proud of your work. 

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At Body and Mind we know how hard it is to keep up with your daily sports routine, but exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which helps your body relax, relieves pain, reduces anxiety and increases your sense of well-being. 

Keep the satisfaction of this moment to serve as a springboard for the next day.

By reducing stress and pressure on your mind, your self-esteem and mood will improve, meaning that after a day’s exercise, you’ll be in a better mood! 

At Body and Mind we recommend you to start training today, because it will change your life. You will feel more active, de-stressed and will make better use of your mental and physical energies 

There are relatively few people who have that gift or that willpower to maintain regularity in their training without needing any motivation or extra help. 

But if you are one of those people who have a hard time keeping up a routine and need help to improve and exercise, at Body and Mind we help you overcome all these objections to training on a daily basis. 

With us you will find your perfect ally to keep fit and fall in love with sport again. Don’t wait any longer, don’t think about it, call us and act now.


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