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Did you know that one of the best ways to lose weight is with a personal trainer? Achieving your goals is much easier when you have at your side a person who guides you through the entire sports process and does not let you throw in the towel. With perseverance and hard work you will achieve that perfect body that you want so much.

But if you also have the support of your personal instructor it will be easier to achieve your goals.

At Body and Mind, we are your personal trainer from Mallorca who not only helps you to lose weight and achieve a toned and healthy body, but also instills in you a sporting philosophy to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our training routine is so engaging that once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll want to keep fit all year round.


A healthy and fun way to activate your muscles and joints and get your heart moving. The best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, is with the Body and Mind training program that we do in Mallorca.

Get in shape with a personal trainer

Do you want to take off those extra pounds and get in shape? If you want to wear a body on the beach this summer and say goodbye to those extra kilos, thanks to Body and Mind’s complete personalized training programme, you’ll get it. 

Your personal instructor plans a varied exercise table, combined with a healthy diet to gradually reduce centimeters of fat and tone all muscle mass. The perfect formula to achieve a body 10.

With the arrival of good weather we all want to look more toned legs and arms, a flat belly and, ultimately, a healthy body. But in order to ensure that last season’s clothes still feel good or, still better, to have to make a complete change of wardrobe because we have lost some sizes, it is necessary to follow a complete training routine and accompany it with a healthy and balanced diet.

At Body and Mind we make it easy for you, as our training tables and nutritional advice plan make losing weight much easier and even more fun.

Personalized follow-up

You may still be wondering why you need a personal trainer. It’s true that you can exercise on your own, organize a varied workout table, and try to eat healthier.

But the reality is that just as you go to a specialist to check your eyesight or mouth, you need a sports specialist to do all the exercises correctly, focus on the areas you most need to work on and keep track of your progress. Because every body is different and not everyone needs the same nutritional plan or training program.


In addition, we will help you to know your limits in order to avoid forcing your muscles and damaging yourself when doing each exercise.

Your personal trainer will not only plan a complete training program totally adapted to your body and the objective to reach. He or she will also offer you dietary advice, so that you can combine your sports routine with a healthy and varied diet.

And, in addition, it will be your greatest support during the whole training process. It won’t let you lose your motivation at any time, it will celebrate all your progress with you, it will sweat with you to the last drop of daily effort you make during each workout, because this is teamwork.

In Body and Mind we accompany you in this adventure so that you get a healthy and fit body from the first moment. Because we have all gone through this process and we know how much it costs to get a more fit body.

Weight Loss Training Program

Body and Mind offers you training sessions totally adapted to you. Through the latest trends in the fitness world, such as TRX, N.R.G., kettlebell and functional training we will advise you and plan a complete sports program to not only lose those extra kilos, but also tone your body.

Functional training: functional training is the basis of the sports programme we offer. This sports routine is designed so that all people, whether they are sportsmen or not, get in shape. Through the repetition of movements you make in your day to day, you work all the joints and muscles. This will allow you to acquire more mobility, flexibility and, in short, to have a fit body.

– N.R.G.: The N.R.G. or Energy Bag is a type of functional training that integrates the usual training methods with the new fitness trends. This instruction develops strength and endurance. In addition, it activates muscles, improves cardio and is perfect for losing weight.

– TRX: this is a training system based on the performance of exercises in suspension, that is, during the practice of the exercise, the hands or feet are held in an anchorage point, while the rest of the body is supported on the ground. By taking advantage of the body’s own weight, the strength, flexibility, balance and stability of the central part of the body are worked on at the same time.

Kettlebell: The exercise table includes training with these Russian weights to improve muscle strength, coordination, mobility and balance.

Nutritional advice

But no matter how many hours we spend in the gym, running or doing these training tables, if we don’t control what we eat we won’t get a healthy body. Because the only formula to achieve that perfect body that we want so much is sport + healthy and balanced diet.


That’s why we offer you personalised nutritional advice. A varied balanced diet that includes the basic pillars of nutrition such as fruits and vegetables that will help you in your weight loss process. Taking advantage of all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, we propose a food plan to combine with daily exercise.

So forget about those fears of putting on your swimsuit! If you’re in Mallorca, start your sports routine with your personal trainer and look great!


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