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Getting in Shape: purpose for 2019 in Mallorca

A new year begins and with it new hopes, illusions and objectives that we want to comply with. It’s time to take good note of all the good and bad we’ve experienced in this year we’ve finished, and make a list of everything we want to live in this new period we’re beginning.

Stop smoking, lose a few kilos , travel more, learn languages, are some of the purposes that we consider once a new year begins. But how many do we achieve? How many do we leave halfway through? And how many of us don’t even start, because we don’t even know where to start?

If your purpose this 2019 is to get in shape, don’t worry, in Body and Mind we will help you get it . With our complete personal training program, you will manage to lose those extra kilos that you have picked up during Christmas and you will get back in shape and with a perfect silhouette.

Did you take some kilos this Christmas and want to get in shape?

Christmas is that time of year when happiness and kindness flow around us. The Christmas spirit is felt in every corner. But it is also the time when we eat the most and, in addition, we eat without control (meat, sweets, alcohol…), company dinners, family lunches, chocolate afternoons with friends, etc.

Between meals and snacks, not only do we eat more calories, but we also move less. The excuse of the lack of time and prioritize other activities before doing sport make us more sedentary people.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start our exercise routine, take off those pounds we’ve picked up during the holidays and get back in shape.

In Body and Mind, we have a complete 8 weeks training program , perfect to get you in shape and get off to a good start in 2019. In just two months, you’ll see how those kilos will be transformed into a toned, healthy and fit body. As long as you are clever about what your goal is, we will help you achieve it.

For this reason, in Body and Mind Mallorca, we offer you a complete personalized training program with which you will get lose those extra kilos and be in shape . But keep in mind that without effort there is no reward. Don’t be fooled by miracle diets, which promise weight loss and scandalous bodies without any effort.

With the rebound effect not only would you regain those lost kilos, but you could also gain more weight. So get ready to sweat and give your best. In addition, we will be by your side to help you overcome all the obstacles we will find during these weeks so that you can achieve your final goal. From day one, not only will we guide you on this path to sporting success, but we will also give you all the support and encouragement to make it happens.

Stop making excuses for lack of time, laziness to leave home or that you don’t like to go to the gym. Because you don’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape. From home or, if the weather is good, outdoors, you can put our exercise boards into practice. Enjoy a day of training overlooking the sea or the mountains. Surely the routine will make you less heavy.

There are no more excuses that it is cold or raining in the street, and you do not want to leave home, get in shape without leaving your own home or take advantage of the green areas we have in Mallorca. The important thing is moving and keeps your body active. So reorganize your agenda and your day to day and find a time to do sport with us. In the end, your body and mind will thank you.

Getting in Shape: purpose for 2019 in Mallorca

Get fit in just 2 months

Our two-month fitness program combines personal preparations, massage sessions, military training, and a complete nutritional plan. Although it may seem like any other program, don’t be fooled, because it isn’t.

At Body and Mind we join you throughout the process. It is a personal training, with a trainer who guides you during the two months and we will make exercises specially designed for your body and endurance. Because not everyone needs to exercise in the same way, nor does the same type of exercise help you to achieve your goals.
In addition, our eight-week program includes eight group Bootcamp sessions. That is to say, once a week you will train with the bodyandmindmallorca team, putting into practice typical military exercises.

But it’s not all going to be sweat and effort. During these two months, you will also receive two massage sessions to release tension, relax your muscles and improve your body’s circulation. Your muscles and bones may suffer after several training sessions, so it is necessary to prepare them for exercise and help your body recovering after a sports session. In addition, massages will help you prevent possible injuries.

Getting in Shape: eat

And, last but not least, we will make a nutritional plan adapted and studied especially for you . Because the best way to lose weight and get in shape is combining sports activities with a good nutritional plan.

There is no secret formula or miracle diet to help you to reach a perfect body. The only way to achieve your goals is with a varied and healthy diet, as well as a personalized training program.

Success is achieved through persistence, effort and willpower. By changing your eating habits and combining them with a varied exercise table, you will see how step by step you manage to lose those kilos that you have picked up during the holidays.
Join the dozens of people who have already chosen Body and Mind Mallorca to transform their body. Recover your silhouette and get in shape with our complete personal training program.

If you are in Palma, Calviá or Santa Ponsa, in just two months, you will achieve the expected results. You will notice the difference and feel better about yourself.


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