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Do you isolate yourself in sport to cope with the current situation? Do you find it difficult to be constant in your training? Why not share them?

Exercise in company is always better and, despite the situation we are in, it is important to share experiences again and reactivate that unique connection that is created when several people fight together for a similar goal.

Bootcamp Mallorca

Little by little we have to get back to normal, get together again and enjoy a training session as a group, sharing achievements and efforts, because as a team the sports routine becomes less heavy and much more enjoyable. However, always with minimum hygiene and safety measures.

100% safe training sessions in the open air

At Body and Mind we look forward to you starting or resuming your group training, and that’s why we offer 100% safe, outdoor sessions.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your sports routines are carried out in complete safety and normality. So, you have no more excuses not to train.

Put laziness aside! Don’t hide behind the fact that you can’t practice sport in a group.

Group Training Santa Ponsa

Because by keeping the necessary safety distance you can work out with other fatigued colleagues and encourage each other to achieve your goals.

In small groups, with friends, acquaintances, family… you decide how to do it. The important thing is to take the step towards a healthier lifestyle with a constant sports routine. And this is only possible with a personal trainer who will guide you through the whole process and who will never let you give up.

At Body and Mind, your personal trainer in Mallorca, we remind you daily of the importance of being constant and encourage you to achieve your goals by working out in company, as group training has many benefits, both physical and mental.

Team work, team training

One of the great advantages of training in a group is that you share your experience with other people who are in the same situation as you, who want to achieve a goal or who feel good about playing sport and like to share that hobby with others.

By training with Body and Mind, you will also be able to share advice, doubts, solve questions that you have asked yourself many times when it comes to training… You are not alone against the world.

Group Training

You are working in a team, where there are many people who, for sure, also have many doubts, and, between all of you can solve them with your experiences. You learn from each other, both from your mistakes and your successes.

Group routines are more effective because you not only receive motivation from your personal trainer, but also from the rest of your colleagues. You go through the whole process together, see progress and share successes. You sweat together, you fight together, you cry together when you see the incredible progress you are making.

Besides, working as a team forces you to be more constant. It’s like a date you can’t miss – I’ve got a training date today! And you can’t let your teammates down, because you know you wouldn’t want those people to let you down.

Your teammates are your motivation to keep going. They encourage you to continue working and improving little by little. For all those people who always find the perfect excuse to miss a workout, group exercise is perfect. It’s that extra help you need to get off the couch, put on your trainers and go to your sports date – you can do it!

Support is essential. And that feeling of permanence to the group makes your sessions magical, you feel needed to make them happen. That’s why training in a group not only helps you improve your physical condition, but also your mood and mental state.

Group Personal Trainer

By working out in a group, you not only release stress, but also gain self-confidence.

Group training gives you confidence, because you feel supported by the whole group. People who encourage you to improve every day and who recognise the achievements you make. At Body and Mind, we know how important it is to have confidence in yourself so that you don’t throw in the towel at any time and move on. That’s why we accompany you during the whole sport process. We become your fundamental support to achieve your goal.

Besides, training in a group is much more fun than working out alone. The training sessions will be more enjoyable and will fly by. Because with a healthy atmosphere and good mood everything seems easier.

And we know a lot about that at Body and Mind. That’s why we always recommend all our athletes to try one of our BootCamp sessions, a very demanding training style, with incredible results and at the same time very entertaining

Train Bootcamp in a group in Mallorca

At Body and Mind we organize group training in the open air, making the most of everything our beautiful island has to offer.

Group Personal trainer Mallorca

Our BootCamp sessions, better known as military training, take place on a circuit specially created to test the physical limits of the participants. For this reason, not just anyone can participate in a BootCamp training session, a certain level of physical condition and health is required to perform these exercises.

During the sessions, we use everything that can be useful to us to improve the physical condition and we include it in the training, to make it more fun. Ropes, wheels, bars or the very environment where we carry out the sessions, whether there are trees, walls, bins… We adapt to the environment to achieve first class results.

Our BootCamp sessions will not only help you lose weight or get in better shape, they will also become your perfect stress reliever, because such a dynamic activity eliminates tension and releases stress.

If you want to feel like a member of the special forces and burn lots of calories, join our BootCampers group and try this complete military routine – you’ll be hooked!


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