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7 Benefits of Couple Training

Do you need extra motivation to get up every day and do your exercise routine? Don’t worry, at Body and Mind, your personal trainer in Mallorca, we have the perfect solution.

Training as a couple will help you to satisfactorily carry out your sports program and achieve your objectives in a more enjoyable and funny way. In addition, doing sport together will help to improve your relationship.

No more excuses to practice your daily exercises. Start your sports routine as a couple today and discover all the physical and mental benefits that training with a partner will bring you.

When you start working as a team, you will realize that there is nothing better than getting in shape with a partner. Plus, you’ll feel like a shot of extra energy and you won’t want to train alone again. You will become more persistent and committed to your workouts and you will wish the time of day to train with your partner.

Advantages of training with a partner

7 Benefits of Couple Training Below, we discover all the advantages of share training and start with your exercise plan:

  1. You spend more energy: According to several studies, people who train as a couple release more endorphins than athletes who exercise alone. In other words, we spend more energy when we train as a couple than when we train alone. These substances produced by the brain reduce stress, increase excitement and, therefore, promote happiness. In addition, we tend to train longer and work harder when we do sports together.
  2. More security and confidence in each other: getting in shape, as a couple, will help you gaining confidence and security in yourself. In addition, it will also make you trust your partner more. Not only will you help each other, you will also take care of each other. Because no one will care more about your safety and well-being than your better half. Your partner will help you to get up if you fall, to overcome your fears and to do those exercises that you thought you would never be able to do. Having someone by your side during the whole routine makes you want to try harder and get better every day. This union that will be created between you both, will make you trust each other more. In addition to achieving this mutual trust, you will also be able to improve your relationship, as physical exercise reduces stress and anxiety.
  3. More motivation: it is not the same to do a training table alone than in company. If you meet your partner to train, you feel the obligation to go to that appointment and perform all your practices well. You can’t leave your routine partner lying around, because it’s lazy to leave home or do sports. Practicing exercise in company will end all excuses to practice sport and you will not skip a single training. In addition, having your partner encouraging and supporting you on this trip is a great motivation to achieve your goals.
  4. Your workouts will become more fun: many times when you train alone, there comes a time when your routine becomes boring and unattractive. In addition, your exercises can become heavier and cause you not to finish your training table correctly. This does not happen when you do sports as a couple. There will always be moments of jokes and laughter that will make your exercises more fun and enjoyable. Even the most complicated postures can become your favorite. And the time will pass much faster, because you will be enjoying much more than doing sport alone.
  5. Social interaction: this is one of the best reasons to train as a couple. People who train together form an alliance, a special connection that makes them not feel alone. It is not the same, achieve your goals alone, that when you share it with your partner of routines. Sharing your accomplishments is even more rewarding than achieving them. In addition, your training partner will always support you whether or not you achieve your goals. When you want to give up and think you can’t do it anymore, your partner will help you get better and continue with your workout table. This will help you not to throw away the towel and keep working hard to achieve your projects. Union is strength!
  6. You will share tastes and spend more time together: many times we complain that we don’t spend enough time with our partner because of work or other responsibilities, but that’s over when we work out a daily exercise routine together. If you plan your training time with your partner not only you will achieve your goals, your partner will help you achieve them and he will be part of your success. This is the best way you spend more time together, and you will also share very healthy hobbies.
    Training with your partner will enhance your relationship, as it strengthens the links you share. So take time to train with your partner, and spend more time together. It will be beneficial to your health and strengthen your relationship.
  7. Challenging each other: sometimes trust can complicate your life, but it is true that sport in couples is very beneficial to overcome obstacles and fears. With the confidence that you have and how much you know each other, you can set challenges and goals, to sting your partner to overcome them. The most important thing and that you must have clear, is that success can not be achieved alone. If you work side by side with your partner your goals will be much easier to achieve.

So, if what you need is motivation and discarding all your excuses, don’t think twice, get in touch with Body and Mind and start enjoying the sport as a couple and all its advantages with a personalized training for couples in Mallorca.

And if you don’t have someone to share your training table with, don’t worry. You don’t need a special partner to enjoy all the benefits of two by two exercises, your personal trainer will become your best travel companion in your daily sports routine.


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