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VIII Formentera All Round Trail 2019

On your marks. Ready? Go! Starting pistol for one of the most beautiful competitions on the islands, where your endurance will be tested. The eighth edition of the Formentera All Round Trail will be held on 2 March 2019.

A race of 74 km, which runs along the entire coast of the island of Formentera, starting and finishing in the Port of La Savina.

In addition, the Half Round Formentera Trail and the Tros de Fart will be held simultaneously. Two races of less kilometers, designed for all those who want to discover Formentera at a different pace.

Although these two routes have different departures, the finish line is the same, the Port of La Savina.

Are you ready to go around Formentera? Choose your competition level and enjoy the paradise. Delight yourself with the spectacular views of the island that the route offers you while you practice your favorite sport. Get ready, because this is about to start.

At Bodyandmindmallorca, your personal trainer on Mallorca, we tell you everything you need to know to be 100% ready to enjoy this great experience. In addition, we have already created a complete personalized programme for you to arrive at your appointment fully prepared – take note!

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There is no doubt that Formentera has the perfect atmosphere to dispute a race. Natural landscapes, incredible sea views and a lot of peace and tranquility. That’s why this competition is perfect for anyone who wants to rediscover or discover for the first time the most beautiful corners of this amazing island.

The first and most important thing is considering your level of preparation. Depending on your physical performance and your stamina it will be more advisable to sign up for one course or another. Keep in mind that the only thing that will happen during the competition is you in direct contact with nature, the most wonderful places on Formentera and the orographic difficulties of the land.

Because of running all the time by the sea, you will find constant changes in the terrain. And you must bear this in mind when selecting which race you want to take part in. It is not the same to run for a couple of hours along a route that combines mountain areas, asphalt and rocky areas, as to endure these earthly changes for more than ten hours.

No one knows your endurance better than you. And because everyone runs at a different pace, there are a variety of racing options so you can choose the one that suits you best.


The Formentera All Round Trail is a 74 km race that stretches along the entire coastline of the island. The runner who decides to take part in this route will make a complete tour of Formentera. Since it has the starting point and the finish line in the Port of La Savina itself. In addition, this race is divided into several categories:

  • Absolute (male and female)
  • U-23 (male and female)
  • Senior (male and female)
  • Veterans 40 (male and female)
  • Veterans 50 (Male and Female)

The race is scheduled to take place within 13 hours. These are hours and hours running along the entire coastline of Formentera, which will take your physical and mental endurance to the extreme. Although the route does not have a significant unevenness, you will find constant changes of terrain.

In addition, the orography of the island, the weather and running by the sea, make this test even harder. In fact, even the use of poles is allowed, but only with a rubber tip. That’s why you have to be well prepared to carry out this challenge.

It is a very rewarding experience, as you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset from Formentera and enjoy a good walk at night, but it is only suitable for the best prepared runners. And you, are you ready?


Simultaneously with the Formentera All Round Trail, the Half Round Formentera Trail will be held. It is a little more than 40 km along the coast of the island, with the same finish line, the port of La Savina, but with a different starting point, Es Arenals. In addition, there are also different categories to join in this race:

  • Absolute (male and female)
  • U-23 (male and female)
  • Senior (male and female)
  • Veterans (male and female)
  • Veterans 50 (Male and Female)

Although they are 30 km less than the full race, it is planned that this route will be carried out at most in just over nine hours. This is due, as we mentioned before, to the difficulties of the terrain.


And finally, there is also the option of participating in the Tros de Fart. A 21 km race, which starts in Es Caló, but where the route will take you to the same finish line as the port of La Savina. In this case, there are only two categories to register for.

  • Absolute (male and female)

They are less than five hours of race, perfect to keep contact with the orography of the island, live the experience and enjoy every kilometer of the route.


You can only participate in one of the races if you are over 18 years old. In addition, it is very important to comply with all the regulations imposed by the organization of the event. One of these rules, if not the most important, is that “participants must respect the environment in which the trail is conducted and keep the environment clean.

In other words, don’t throw your food containers around. You will be tired, you will run out of water and you will not want to carry it in your hand all the time. But for that there will be containers all along the route where you can throw the garbage. Take care of the environment. Formentera is a very beautiful island, but we all have to keep it clean.

In fact, if the organization finds someone throwing a bottle, a piece of paper or any kind of rubbish on the ground, it will disqualify the runner immediately.

For the correct reading of the times, the participants must carry the MyLaps chip in their slipper during the entire route. In this way, the entire race will be tracked electronically.

In addition, it must be kept in mind that this is a major test. And, as we said before, it is recommended that if you participate you are in good physical shape.


Bearing in mind the different routes, the intensity and the resistance that must be had in each race, in Bodyandmindmallorca we have prepared a personal and specific training so that you manage to reach the finish line without fainting.

The appointment requires it. Because the orography and the unevenness of the terrain are not the same as in a typical road race. Therefore, it is essential that you have a good physical preparation and with us you will achieve it.

Not only you will arrive at Formentera in the best physical and mental condition, but, having worked with us on endurance, you will be able to fully enjoy the experience of running around the island without worrying about injuries or possible weaknesses.

Do not hesitate any longer, paradise awaits you. And we can prepare you to achieve your goal. Relax, don’t think of anything else but to enjoy the views and feel the road under your feet. Let the tranquility and peace of the island take hold of you and go around Formentera 100% capable thanks to Bodyandmindmallorca. We are waiting for you!

VIII Formentera All Round Trail 2019


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